Science Activities

Volcanoes and Hawai‘i

Explore Hawaiʻi’s special relationship with volcanoes and learn what makes our volcanic relationship so unique compared to the rest of the world.

Volcanoes in Hawai‘i

Take an in-depth look at the creation of the Hawaiian Island chain, with a special focus on volcanoes and lava!

The Hawaiian Hot Spot

Learn about what a hot spot is, how it forms, and its important role in the creation of a volcano.

The Hawaiian Hot Spot and the Pacific Plate

A relationship that has lasted more than 30 million years. Learn about how the Hawaiian Hot Spot and the Pacific Plate have worked together to create the Hawaiian Island chain.

Explosive Truth

The Explosive Truth!

A homemade volcano experiment that highlights the main differences between shield and composite volcanoes!


Edible Islands

Can you make a model that demonstrates the formation of the Hawaiian Islands and eat it too?

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There are many species of fish that live in the waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. 

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The silversword is a distinctive, globe-shaped rosette plant with rigid (swordlike), succulent leaves densely covered by silver hairs.

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There are many different rocks in the world.

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Celebrate earth week with these science-based activities.

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Discover the science of birds in Hawai’i and their impact on the environment around them.

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Experience the science of Hawai‘i in your own backyard using these family fun activities and resources!

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