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A promotional graphic for "snail blazers: the card game" featuring various snail-themed playing cards and images of snails in nature.
A promotional banner for "snail blazers: the card game" featuring images of snails, cards from the game, and natural scenery.

Help Save Our Snails! Hawaiian land snails are one of the most diverse in the world with more than 759 species in 13 families and 756 of these species are found only in Hawaii. With only about 300 native Hawaiian land snail species still alive, it is expected that 100 of these remaining species will go extinct within the next decade unless we increase our conservation efforts in understanding what they need to survive and protecting their habitat. To raise awareness of the plight of these precious snails that keep our ecosystems healthy, Andy Huang, an intern from the Bishop Museum Malacology collection, created a trading card game to introduce everyone to the different snails that are still living and the ones that are now extinct. Information on each card includes their rarity (conservation status), where they can be found, and some fun facts. Additionally, there are cards representing non-native snails that are negatively impacting our ecosystems and native snails.

A card with a snail on it.
An illustrated trading card featuring the limax maximus, commonly known as the leopard slug, with descriptive text and game-related symbols and instructions.
A trading card from the "solomon edition" featuring an illustrated snail, hiona pilsbryi, with game statistics and abilities.

Play the card game! Think you can handle the heat of Snail Blazers TCG? Play against friends using an army of Hawaiian snails and their special abilities. These snails can boost your side or knock an opponent down. The goal of this game is to be the first player to collect all the resources, and doing that while keeping your friendships intact. Sounds simple enough right? But beware of the invasive snails. These threats can come out of nowhere and mess up anybody’s game without warning. We hope you have the slime of your lives playing this thrilling strategy card game!

A collection of board game cards and components spread out on a black surface.

Image: Contents of the full Snail Blazers card game. Encounter Hawaiian snails, invasive snails, and a whole bunch of resources!

A group of people playing a card game at a picnic table, with one man standing and reaching out to place or pick up a card.

Image: A game in action. One player is on the attack, using his snail cards to steal from an opponent.

To get these trading cards, please make a donation to the Bishop Museum. Direct your donation to “Hawaiian Land Snail Conservation”. Please note “Snail Blazers” in the comment section, along with your desired quantities. Here’s the donation breakdown:

  • Donate at least $5: 4-pack
  • Donate at least $10: 10-pack
  • Donate at least $40: Solomon Enos Edition Collection (18 Hawaiian snails + bonus surprise cards). He graciously donated his time to provide us with drawings of several of the snails to be depicted on these cards!
  • Donate at least $60: Full Game

Free Pickup for all tiers
Free Shipping for all tiers except Full Game [$10]

A Message from the Creator of Snail Blazers – Aloha it’s Andy. What originally started as a request from the boss to make a card for an event soon snowballed into designing an entire strategy card game. Working with the snails for years, I learned what fascinating creatures they are, all worthy of saving from extinction. And what better way to get the word out than to create a soul-crushingly fun game! One which highlights our Hawaiian snails in all their glory. It’s been the greatest pleasure creating these cards, and I cannot wait for you all to collect and play them, and to support the snails!

Please make your donations today! To learn more about what your funds go toward, visit the Hawaiian Land Snail Conservation fund page.

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