Science Adventure Center

The Richard T. Mamiya Science Adventure Center is an immersive, interactive science center focused on science relative to Hawai‘i’s natural environment. Here, visitors can get up-close-and-personal with the Museum’s amazing natural science collections in fun and interactive displays.

Lava Pour Demo

Visitors can also explore the dynamics of volcano science through daily programs in the Meet Me at the Hot Spot theatre, the only place on O‘ahu where you can see hot molten lava in motion!

An origins tunnel, wind wall, and wave tank help to make science shine in this ever-evolving 16,500 square foot gallery space.


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Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

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Bishop Museum’s new Land, Sea, Sky exhibit was made possible through generous support from Hawaiian Electric Industries Charitable Foundation

Hawaiian Forest Birds (Now on Exhibit)

Get a glimpse into the rich natural history of Hawaiian forest birds with specimens from the Museum’s Vertebrate Zoology collection. Explore a touch screen interactive to learn which birds are invasive to Hawai‘i and the threats they pose to endemic avian biodiversity. Take your turn in our ‘Elepaio board game as your trace the life cycle of a native ‘elepaio and navigate the many environmental threats one bird will face over its life span.

Great Gastropods

Bishop Museum holds the world’s most comprehensive collection of terrestrial mollusks, or land snails, from across the Pacific region. Hawaiian land snail fauna is arguably the most diverse in the world in relation to land area. Unfortunately, these land snails are among the most threatened groups of animals on the planet, and there have been substantial losses in biodiversity, as much as 90% in some families. Bishop Museum’s Malacology Researcher, Dr. Norine Yeung, is leading conservation efforts to understand and protect Hawai‘i’s endemic land snail population from threats to their habitat and some 38 established invasive species of land snail now thriving in Hawai‘i’s forests.  Explore snail systematics and the vital role of Hawai‘i’s molluscs as bioindicators (species that warn us about imbalances in our environment), and learn what role you can play in improving outcomes for our native species.

Wave of Waikīkī (Now on Exhibit)

The ocean provides both vital resources and recreation, and this “ride” is a delicate balance.

Contemplate the relationship between Hawaiian culture and environment as you jump aboard our interactive surf simulator as you trace Duke Kahanamoku’s famous mile-long Waikīkī wave ride.  Coming soon, new exhibits that showcase the Museum’s research and collections across the natural sciences as they pertain to coastal ecology will share new insights on take care of the water in which we play.

And Don’t Miss!

New Fish Species!

This newly discovered Hawaiian fish is called Pete Basabe’s Butterflyfish (Prognathodes basabei). It was collected in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument at a depth of 200 feet (61 meters), using advanced mixed-gas rebreather diving gear. Now on display in our new aquarium on the lower level of the Science Adventure Center!