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Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum presents “Rapa Nui: The Untold Stories of Easter Island”

2018-10-06T00:35:40+00:00News Release|

Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum presents “Rapa Nui: The Untold Stories of Easter Island,” an original new exhibition that will showcase the museum’s extensive cultural and natural history collections and shed light on the intriguing island of Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island. Drawing from recent studies conducted by Bishop Museum researchers and collaborators, the exhibit will highlight some lesser-known stories about the island. “Rapa Nui: The Untold Stories of Easter Island” will be on display in the Castle Memorial Building from Nov. 3, 2018–May 5, 2019.

Rapa Nui


All Exhibits Rapa Nui: The Untold Stories of Easter Island Buy Tickets Museum Hours Open Every Day 9 AM - 5 PM Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day Ages All Ages Location Castle Building Admission [...]

English Programs


English Have program suggestions?  Want to share a lesson plan you created? We're excited to hear what you think! Rapa Nui: Untold Tales of Easter Island We encourage English teachers to explore this exhibit and have their students find stories to tell.  This temporary exhibition is rich [...]

Art and Design Programs


Art and Design ‘A’AHU:  Clothing and Adornments How do we make the things we wear?  Clothing keeps our bodies protected, signifies our roles in society, and connects us to our island home.  Through multisensory exploration, students will learn about the materials and processes used to make kapa (barkcloth), featherwork, [...]

Science Programs


Science LAWAI’A:  Fishing Tools and Practices  What can the ocean provide?  Students will dive deep into traditional fishing practices in Hawai’i and the Pacific and explore the ways we get food and other resources from “nature’s icebox.”  Through this interactive program, students will imagine themselves as gatherers of the [...]

Pacific History Programs


Pacific History Pacific Hall Tour Using the latest technology available, the hall features sounds of the past and present, as well as images of people across the Pacific. Visitors will be surprised to see how traditions have been upheld over thousands of years, and the many similarities we see [...]

Recommended K-2


Recommended Grades K-2 Programs HOLOHOLO:  Transportation and Voyaging How do we travel across land and sea?  Explore different styles of travel in Hawai’i and the Pacific.  Our journey will take us through historic voyaging periods up to the present day voyaging movement.  Students will work together as a team [...]

Teacher-Led Field Trips


Teacher Led Field Trips $5 per student This option is great for teachers on a tight budget and those who know exactly how they want to use our Museum resources. Students on this option will travel through the following, selected museum spaces under guidance from their teacher and chaperones. In consideration of our [...]

Special Events


Special Events October 25, 2018 (Thursday) In partnership with Bishop Museum, the United Japanese Society of Hawaii Presents: Tsukimi no Kai - Japanese Cultural Full Moon Viewing LEARN MORE In partnership with Bishop Museum, the United Japanese Society of [...]