J. Linsley Gressitt Center for Research in Entomology

Fiji moth Lepidoptera scales

The Gressitt Center houses over 14 million prepared specimens of insects and related arthropods, including over 17,000 primary types, making it the third largest entomology collection in the United States and the eighth largest in the world.

While global in scope, the collection's strength lies in its unparalleled holdings of specimens from Hawaii, New Guinea, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and Oceania, with many deriving from Museum research expeditions to remote areas of the Pacific since the 1920s.

Unmatched historical and modern holdings from the Hawaiian Islands document the archipelago's highly endemic and often endangered native insect fauna as well as the large contingent of alien species that threaten it.

Entomology at the Bishop Museum can be traced back as far as 1892, begining with our support of R.C.L. Perkins and the Fauna Hawaiiensis survey project. Since then, the Museum has sponsored or been a part of scientific research throughout Hawaii and the Pacific leading to discoveries of thousands of new species of insects and their relatives. In Hawaii alone, Museum scientists have discovered unique ecosytems in lava tubes and the highest elevations harboring previously unknown endemic insect faunas.

Our entomologists still explore new areas of the Pacific and continue to discover many new and interesting species, but we also assist many state and federal agencies with identifications of native and alien species that are critical to our understanding of native ecosystems and that help improve agriculture through prevention or eradication of pests.

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