Botany: Herbarium Pacificum (BISH)

Herbarium Pacificum

The Herbarium Pacificum (BISH) collection consists of more than 710,000 plant, algae and fungi specimens. Our emphasis is on Hawai‘i and the Pacific Basin, but we also house representative material from other world regions. The collections of Hawaiian plants form the largest and most comprehensive assemblage of such specimens in the world, with approximately 187,000 specimens.

Summary of collections at BISH as of April, 2015.
Numbers in brackets give the percentage of collections databased.

Hawaiian items
World items
Type specimens
5,873 (100)
6,029 (100)
Vascular plants
134,277 (100)
c.450,000 (40)
13,716 (100)
c.18,600 (10)
32,657 (100)
46,538 (100)
Fungi & lichens
6,094 (100)
c.9,000 (42)
186,744 (100)
c. 524,000 (38)

Numerous collections of major importance to Hawaii and Pacific botany and phycology are located at BISH, including those by H. St. John, F.R. Fosberg, O. Degener, J.F. Rock, C.N. Forbes, B.C. Stone, D.R. Herbst, W.L. Wagner, D. Nelson, U.J. Faurie, G.C. Munro, H. Mann, W.T. Brigham, I.A. Abbott, and M.S. Doty. Type specimens have been imaged at high resolution and are available online via JSTOR's Global Plants and are housed in a fire-protected room.

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Collections Management Projects

For more information, contact Botany staff at (808) 848 4181

NSF Projects in the Herbarium Pacificum are funded in part by the National Science Foundation (DEB-0950207, DEB-1057453 and EF-1304824), and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The Bishop Museum is an active supporter of the United States Virtual Herbarium (USVH) project, and is a member of the Natural Science Collections Alliance..

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