Duke KahanamokuDuke Paoa Kahanamoku

August 9 through November 30, 2015

Hawai‘i’s beloved ambassador of aloha and a public figure unrivaled in grace and humility, Duke Kahanamoku’s legacy transcends his outstanding resume of Olympic gold medals, daring surf adventures, and Hollywood movies. The beauty of Duke’s legendary fame consists of his core values of aloha, love, and good sportsmanship, and the profound respect he gained from admirers worldwide during his remarkable lifetime.

Bishop Museum will bring the many facets of Duke Kahanamoku to life by enlivening the J. M. Long Gallery with graphics, photos, cultural artifacts, video clips, and interactive media displays. Dramatic floor to ceiling graphic panels will reflect Duke’s “larger than life” persona. Historic photos, documents, and video excerpts will offer insights into a remarkable life.

Cultural artifacts related to Duke, including personal memorabilia like trophies, his personal ‘ukulele, sheriff’s badge, surfboard, and keepsakes will bring visitors face to face with the legend. Interactive media displays will offer unique ways to discover, explore, and share the stories associated with Duke and hear his voice, experience his persona, and admire his character.

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On Exhibit

Nani i Ka Hala: Weaving Hawai‘i

Nani I Ka Hala

The traditional Hawaiian practice of weaving hala (pandanus, Pandanus techtorius) has been a cultural force throughout time, from its functional roots in precontact Polynesia to its widespread recognition today as a celebrated visual art form. On March 28th, Bishop Museum will unveil Nani I Ka Hala: Weaving Hawai'i, an original exhibition that addresses the vital need to collect, share, and perpetuate this tradition as part of Hawai'i's heritage and vibrant living culture.

The beauty and significance of hala is woven throughout our history and throughout this exhibit. In ancient times, the sails of voyaging canoes were plaited of hala, and utilitarian hala baskets and mats were commonplace. The introduction of foreign items that replaced Hawai'i-made mats and baskets encouraged weavers to further their creativity, leading to a distinctive and truly exquisite Hawaiian style of hala hats that are coveted and treasured as fine art.

Come walk through the stories, the beauty, and the wisdom of ulana lau hala in Nani I Ka Hala: Weaving Hawai‘i, on exhibit in the J. M. Long Gallery from March 28 through July 27, 2015.

1:00 p.m. in Hawaiian Hall Portico
Hana Ka Lima, He Apo Aloha: Lau Hala Bracelet Making Workshop
Try your hand at the artistry of lau hala weaving! An experienced weaver will guide you through the art of weaving with pandanus leaf. Take home a beautiful momento of your museum visit. A handmade lau hala bracelet also makes the perfect gift for a loved one at home. (25 minutes)
Cost: $10 per person (materials included)

Dinosaurs Unleashed

This Spring, over a dozen life-like animatronic dinosaurs will stomp and roar at Bishop Museum in the exciting and interactive family exhibit Dinosaurs Unleashed.

The exhibit will be on display in Castle Memorial Building from Feb. 28 to Sept. 7, 2015.

June 13 through September 6
Saturdays and Sundays, 10:30 a.m.
Castle Memorial Building

Meet the newest member of the Museum 'ohana and come Face-to-Face with an extremely realistic looking dinosaur.

NOTE: This program may be frightening for small children.

Visitors will marvel at replicas of some of the fearsome giant reptiles of the Mesozoic. They will learn about the Maiasaura — “caring mother lizard” — with her baby and a nest of eggs. Of course, the ever-popular “tyrant lizard,” Tyrannosaurus rex, will thrill children of all ages.

Interactive stations and activities will highlight how these animals flourished in their respective environments. Hands-on learners and aspiring paleontologists will have the opportunity to test their mettle in a dinosaur dig, create colorful bone imprints, and control a robotic dinosaur skeleton, just like those featured in the exhibit!  .

Hawaiian Hall

Hawaiian Hall

The three floors of Hawaiian Hall take visitors on a journey through the different realms of Hawai‘i. 

The first floor is the realm of Kai Ākea which represents the Hawaiian gods, legends, beliefs, and the world of pre-contact Hawai‘i. 

The second floor, Wao Kanaka, represents the realm where people live and work; focusing on the importance of the land and nature in daily life. 

The third floor, Wao Lani, is the realm inhabited by the gods; here, visitors will learn about the ali‘i and key moments in Hawaiian history.

Pacific Hall

Pacific HallExplore Moananuiākea, the wide expanse of Oceania, in Pacific Hall's newly renovated two-story gallery.

Encounter the family of the Pacific on the first floor, which is filled with cultural treasures - model canoes, woven mats, contemporary artwork, and videos of Pacific scholars.

On the second floor, learn about the origins and migrations of Pacific peoples through the fields of archaeology, oral traditions, and linguistics.

Learn how the peoples of Oceania are diverse, yet deeply connected.

Abigail Kinoiki Kekaulike Kāhili Room

Princess Abigail Kawananakoa Kāhili Room

The Abigail Kinoiki Kekaulike Kāhili Room honors cherished ali‘i and displays the precious Kāhili (feather standards) associated with them.

On display here are portraits of the Hawaiian Monarchy and some of their personal effects.



Nā Ulu Kaiwi‘ula - Native Garden

Native Garden

Stroll though our garden and learn about plants important to Hawaiian culture. You'll find dozens of species ranging from endemic plants (found no where else on Earth) to plants like breadfruit that were brought by Polynesians when they discovered the Hawaiian Islands centuries ago.

The garden is maintained by our Botany department and with the help of volunteers.


Richard T. Mamiya Science Adventure Center

Science Adventure Center

This 16,500 square-foot facility adds a new dimension to the Museum by providing exhibits that are immersive and interactive – with a strong emphasis on better understanding Hawai‘i’s environment.

Visitors become active participants in exploring areas of science in which Hawai‘i has gained international recognition for cutting edge research – including volcanology, oceanography, and biodiversity.


Hawai‘i Sports Hall of Fame

Hawai‘i Sports Hall of Fame

The Hawai‘i Sports Hall of Fame records for all time, with pictures and memorabilia, the outstanding accomplishments of Hawai‘i's sports history.

The primary goal of this exhibit is to encourage our youth to emulate these outstanding athletes for their devotion, dedication, pursuit of athletic excellence and steadfast character.

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