Museum Program Super Pack

Field Trips*

$ 5 Per Student

Spend up to 30 minutes with teacher-guided time in any of our three main spaces. (Hawaiian Hall, Pacific Hall, Science Adventure Center).

Two Museums
+ Teacher Led*

$ 7 Per Student

*Pick two Experiences (25 minutes each) to compliment your curriculum. You can also spend up to 30 minutes with teacher-guided time in any of our three main spaces. (Hawaiian Hall, Pacific Hall, Science Adventure Center)

Museum Program Super Pack

$9.00 per Student

(Not Available Over Intersession)

The packages on this page are built to take young learners on a journey through the indigenous wisdom and western sciences that paint a full picture of one aspect of Hawaiian life.

This field trip program option is $9 per student, presents four separate experiences, and lasts two hours.

When you reserve your field trip, remember your desired program pack name, and record it on the reservation request form.

What's Included In The Museum Super Pack ?

Voyages of Discovery

Your students will join museum educators on an journey through the process of preparing for a voyage, studying the natural world to navigate, and learning when you know you are near the destination. This program is an innovative fusion of indigenous wisdom with western sciences; the Voyages of Discovery packages illustrates how we can understand and explore the natural world through these programs:

How do we travel across land and sea? Explore different styles of travel in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific. Our journey will take us through historic voyaging periods up to the present-day voyaging movement. Students will work together as a team of “canoe builders” to construct a model waʻa (canoe), and imagine life as a crew of ocean travelers.

Before we can voyage across the Pacific Ocean, we need a way to transport ourselves safely and efficiently. In the Pacific, canoes are the primary transportation for human beings, and Oceanic canoes represent the technological prowess of Pacific Island cultures. Learn more about how canoes are made in Hawaiʻi and elsewhere in the Pacific and how we navigate them from place to place in this 25-minute guided tour inside the Hawaiian Hall Complex.

When traveling to far off islands, how did the crew of a voyaging canoe know they were near land?  This 30 minutes hands-on program provides experience in how looking for clues in the wind, waves, and wings can help to navigate you toward your island destination. This program is part of our Voyages of Discovery package but can be booked as a standalone program.

Explorers of Polynesia, Wayfinders puts you on the deck of the voyaging canoe Hōkūle‘a as you explore traditional Polynesian navigation and find your way to Tahiti from Hawai‘i. Produced by Bishop Museum in collaboration with Polynesian Voyaging Society and 1001 Stories.

Museum Program Super Pack

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