Grades K-2 Programs

HOLOHOLO:  Transportation and Voyaging

How do we travel across land and sea?  Explore different styles of travel in Hawai’i and the Pacific.  Our journey will take us through historic voyaging periods up to the present day voyaging movement.  Students will work together as a team of “canoe builders” to construct a model wa’a, and imagine life as a crew of ocean travelers.

Tales of Trash

To coincide with the Journeys: Heritage of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands exhibit take your class on an interactive adventure to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI).  Discover what marine debris is, where it comes from and how it affects the turtles, birds and marine life in the NWHI through storytelling, puppets and hands-on activities. Examine real ways you can help solve the marine debris problem. marine debris and bird boluses from the NWHI, and then identify.

Here Comes the Sun

Have fun learning about how the sun makes light and heat and why that is important for us living here on Earth!

Planetarium Presentation: Stories Under the Stars

An introduction to the night sky featuring constellation stories from several different cultures.

Rapa Nui: Untold Stories of Easter Island

Have your students explore the far off land and stories of Rapa Nui through our own special exhibit.   An education staff member will guide you through the exhibit and introduce you to the ideas of string-storytelling that is common of Pacific Cultures.