Bishop Museum Introductory Experience PLUS Programs

Program Options

The Bishop Museum Introductory Experience PLUS allows your class to have up to 60 minutes of self-guided group time in the Hawaiian Hall Complex, and up to 30 minutes of self-guided group time in the Science Adventure Center. This experience ALSO allows you to select additional culture, science or planetarium programs for just $1 per program, per student.

PROGRAM TYPE 1: Hawaiian Hall Complex Programs

Join us for a 30-minute interactive, hands-on experience based around the Bishop Museum’s cultural collections.  These Culture Education programs represent a wide variety of topics, focused around Hawaiian and Pacific Islands culture. 

PROGRAM TYPE 2: Hawaiian Hall Complex Tours

Take a 30-minute tour through the galleries of the Hawaiian Hall Complex, guided by our Culture Education staff or trained docent volunteers. 

PROGRAM TYPE 1: Science Adventure Center Programs

The Science Adventure Center is a 16,500-square-foot facility that houses exhibits that explore the ocean, wind and the volcanic forces that have shaped our islands. The hands-on programs offered for the Bishop Museum Introductory Experience PLUS use these exhibits to enhance your student’s learning.

PROGRAM TYPE 2: Science On A Sphere Programs

Science on a Sphere is a 6-foot globe that can project satellite and other data of the earth and other planets. Sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Science on a Sphere brings our planet vividly to life.

When choosing planetarium shows for your Bishop Museum Introductory Experience PLUS each show is $1 per student.

Our Introductory Experience PLUS option allows you to select 30 minutes of self-guided group time in our Castle Memorial Building which houses traveling exhibits. Choosing our Castle Memorial Building Traveling Exhibit costs $1 per student. 

“What is an intersession group?”

Intersession groups are Hawai‘i-based organizations that serve Hawai‘i residents and exist to provide local students with activities during breaks in the regular school year.

A typical intersession group fits the following criteria:

  • The group features a wide range of grade levels in a single group (possibly from Pre-K to 12th grade).
  • The group is led by operational staff rather than classroom teachers.
  • The group offers and/or seeks free choice learning experiences for students (i.e. students are not tested as in a regular school setting).
  • The group operates during a Hawai‘i State K-12 school break (summer, fall, winter, and spring breaks).

Come spend the night at Bishop Museum! You and your class will go on an exclusive tour through select exhibit halls in this unique and fun museum experience.