Pacific History

Pacific Hall Tour

Using the latest technology available, the hall features sounds of the past and present, as well as images of people across the Pacific. Visitors will be surprised to see how traditions have been upheld over thousands of years, and the many similarities we see between our Hawaiian culture and language and those of other Oceanic cultures.

On the first floor, individual cases explore subjects of daily living, subsistence, ritual practices, and ocean navigation. The second floor focuses on the history of the region and communicates how the disciplines of archaeology, anthropology, and linguistics have been used to provide concrete evidence of ancestral ties across the Pacific. The second floor explores questions about how and when the settlement of the Pacific took place.

Planetarium Show:

Wayfinders: Waves, Wind and Water

Explorers of Polynesia, Wayfinders puts you on the deck of the voyaging canoe Hōkūle‘a as you explore traditional Polynesian navigation and find your way to Tahiti from Hawai‘i. Produced by Bishop Museum in collaboration with Polynesian Voyaging Society and 1001 Stories.

TRAVELLING BRICKS: An Exhibition Made of LEGO® Bricks

May 25, 2019 –  October 27, 2019

Immerse your family in the world of LEGO®possibilities at Bishop Museum!  Travelling Bricks: An Exhibition Made of LEGO® Bricks features displays constructed of nearly one million LEGO® blocks that will take you on a journey of land, sea, air, and space travel.