Natural Bling

Natural Bling
From the center out, the species included are:
Center: Hoplia coerulea (Scarabaeidae) from France
Row 1: Undetermined Chrysomelidae beetles from Nepal and India
Row 2: Colloodes frenchi (Scarabaeidae) from Australia
Row 3: Calliphara excellens (Hemiptera: Scutelleridae) from the Philippines
Row 4: Undetermined Chrysomelidae beetles from the Philippines
Row 5: Sphignotus insignia albertsi (Cerambycidae) from New Guinea
Row 6: Sphignotus m. mirabilis (Cerambycidae) from New Guinea
Row 7: Laprima adolphinae (Lucanidae) from New guinea
Row 8: Green, Anoplostethus latus (Scarabaeidae)
Brown, Anoplostethus sp. both from Australia
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