Exhibit Extended – Journeys: Heritage of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

Exhibit Extended – Journeys: Heritage of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

November 21, 2016

Thanks to the immense community interest, the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum will extend its original exhibit Journeys: Heritage of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Originally scheduled to end Jan. 29, 2017, visitors can now encounter the scientific, historical and cultural wonders on display in the J.M. Long Gallery through Feb. 26, 2017.

The Journeys exhibit explores the 12,000 miles of small islands, atolls and barely submerged reefs known as the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, home to some of the most unique reef biodiversity in the world and significant ancient Hawaiian cultural sites. President Obama’s proclamation to expand this marine national monument, called Papahānaumokuākea, in August 2016 made the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands the largest protected area anywhere on Earth. In recent years, astounding discoveries have been made like a new deep-sea butterflyfish species and rates of endemism unmatched in the rest of the world’s oceans. Such discoveries point to the relevance of preserving and further exploring the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Now, both residents and visitors will have an extra month to experience this remote area of the Pacific through Bishop Museum’s interactive exhibit pieces and authentic cultural artifacts.

Visitors can view immersive underwater footage aboard a model submarine, take to the skies in the Battle of Midway Flight Simulator and view rarely-displayed cultural objects from Bishop Museum’s collections such as ancient fishing weights, adzes and stone bowls. Among the most revered artifacts on display are eight stone ki‘i, or carved figures. Six ki‘i are from Bishop Museum’s Ethnology Collections, and two are on loan from the Peabody Essex Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Several specimens of the new butterflyfish species also live in an aquarium display in Bishop Museum’s Science Adventure Center, which is open for visitors as an extension of the Journeys exhibit.

For more information visit the exhibit page for Journeys: Heritage of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands at https://www.bishopmuseum.org/journeys/


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