Cultural Resources Staff

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Cultural Resources Division


The Cultural Resources Division has experts who focus on the cultures of the Pacific. Our collections staff maintain the Museum’s collections of artifacts and archival documents, keeping a record of the cultural history of the region. Our researchers travel throughout the world, studying, collecting, analyzing and telling the stories of the past and present cultural achievements of Pacific Islanders.


  • Dr. Mara Mulrooney, Director of Cultural Resources
  • Marques Marzan, Cultural Advisor
  • Krickette Murabayashi, Administrative Assistant


  • Dr. Yosihiko Sinoto, Kenneth Pike Emory Distinguished Chair in Anthropology
  • Charmaine Wong, Archaeology Collection Manager
  • Shoko Hisayama, Research Assistant


  • Nicole dela Fuente, Conservation Assistant


  • Alice Christophe, Ethnology Collection Manager
  • Kamalu du Preez, Assistant Ethnology Collection Manager
  • Sarah Tamashiro, Ethnology Collection Technician

Library and Archives

  • DeSoto Brown, Historian
  • Leah Pualaha‘ole Caldeira, Archives Collection Manager
  • Sahoa Fukushima, Resource Specialist
  • Lindsay Pualei Hanohano-Tripp, Audio Technician
  • Karla Heath, Assistant Archives Collection Manager
  • Hina Kneubuhl, Audio Technician
  • Tia Reber, Publications Coordinator
  • B.J. Short, Catalog Librarian

Research Affiliates

Distinguished Associates in Cultural Resources

  • Dr. Adrienne L. Kaeppler
  • Dr. Patrick V. Kirch
  • Dr. Leonard E. Mason
  • Dr. Marshall D. Sahlins
  • Dr. Ka‘upena Wong

Associate Research Affiliates in Cultural Resources

  • Dr. Carlos Andrade
  • Mrs. Ivy H. Maile Andrade
  • Dr. Denise Noelani Arista
  • Dr. James M. Bayman
  • Dr. Paul L. Cleghorn
  • Dr. Ross Cordy
  • Ms. Lynn A. Davis
  • Dr. John E. Dockall
  • Ms. Kelley Esh
  • Mr. David Forbes
  • Dr. Michael W. Graves
  • Dr. Robert J. Hommon
  • Ms. Ruth Horie
  • Dr. Terry L. Hunt
  • Mr. Irving Jenkins
  • Dr. Tianlong Jiao
  • Ms. Elaine H.R. Jourdane
  • Dr. Jennifer Kahn
  • Mr. Eric K. Komori
  • Dr. Susan A. Lebo
  • Mr. Kepa Maly
  • Ms. Anita Manning
  • Dr. Patrick C. McCoy
  • Dr. Davianna P. McGregor
  • Ms. Summer Moore
  • Dr. Kathleen D. Morrison
  • Mr. M. Puakea Nogelmeier
  • Dr. Franklin S. Odo
  • Ms. Harinani Orme
  • Mr. Hiapokeikikane Kichie Perreira
  • Dr. Roger G. Rose
  • Dr. Noenoe K Silva
  • Mr. Lloyd J. Soehren
  • Dr. Matthew J.T. Spriggs
  • Dr. Miriam T. Stark
  • Ms. Kim Martz Starr
  • Dr. Amy K. Stillman
  • Mr. Nainoa Thompson
  • Mrs. Cynthia Timberlake
  • Dr. Haunani-Kay Trask
  • Dr. Marshall I. Weisler
  • Mr. Ron Williams