The Department of Art Conservation of Bishop Museum (formerly the Pacific Regional Conservation Center, PRCC) was founded in 1974 by Anthony Werner, one of the most respected names in the field. Over the years, the department has employed professionals with a variety of specialties: paintings, textiles, paper, and objects.

The objects conservation lab is located in the Museum’s newest facility, Castle Memorial Building and contains specialized equipment for the examination, documentation and treatment of artifacts of all kinds.

Professional conservation staff combine backgrounds in chemistry, art history, and studio art with degrees from postgraduate programs in art conservation.

Conservators study:

  • the materials that objects are made from
  • how materials deteriorate
  • how to prevent and correct damage
  • preservation storage systems
  • restoration treatments

Museum conservators perform:

  • Conservation treatments
  • Surveys of collections and facilities
  • Art handling, packing and shipping
  • Emergency planning and disaster aid
  • Care of collections training
  • Educational programs, lectures, workshops
  • Material science research

Are you concerned about the care of your family’s heirlooms and collectibles? Here are some documents that may answer your questions about how best to care for them:

If you have questions, which are not answered in these articles, you might try two general books:

Caring for Your Collections, Arthur Schultz, ed., 1992, Harry N. Abrams, NY

Guide to Environmental Protection of Collections, Barbara Appelbaum, 1991, Sound View Press, Madison, CT These books and archival preservation supplies can be ordered from:

University Products – 1.800.628.1912 Light Impressions – 1.800.828.6216

Another web site for information is the Canadian Conservation Institute, where you can order CCI Notes on many preservation topics.

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