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Library & Archives Registration

  • Terms & Conditions

    The following Terms & Conditions have been instituted to help conserve and preserve materials, and to ensure the Bishop Museum Library & Archives Collections may remain accessible to the public
    • Researchers must stow all handbags, briefcases, laptop carrying cases, and cameras in the hallway lockers. Laptops are permitted in the Reading Room.

    • Cell phones must be silenced.

    • Photography in the reference room is prohibited.

    • Food and beverages (e.g. soda, water, gum, cough drops) are prohibited.

    • Use pencils only.

    • Requests for materials are to be submitted no later than 15 minutes prior to closure.

    • All copywork is done by staff. This includes all digital reproductions.

    • Requests for reproductions are to be submitted no later than 15 minutes prior to closure.

    • Researchers must inform staff prior to leaving. All notes, photocopies, and folders must be made available for inspection.

    • Photocopied materials may not be reproduced, transmitted, or disseminated.

    • Complying with copyright and privacy laws is the responsibility of the researcher.

    • The Bishop Museum is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property.

    I have read the above Terms & Conditions and agree to adhere to them. I acknowledge that any violation of these rules may serve as cause to prohibit my continued access to the Bishop Museum Library & Archives Collections.
  • By entering your name in the Signature field you are indicating that all the information on this form is true and accurate, to the best of your knowledge.
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