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Archaeology Research

Research-focused excavations by Bishop Museum archaeologists in other areas of the Pacific, including French Polynesia, Tonga, Samoa, and the Solomon Islands significantly added to our understanding of Pacific migration, settlement, and cultural history and also greatly enlarged the Archaeology Collection. This collection continues to be researched as part of the Ho‘omaka Hou Research Initiative, which [...]

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Archaeology Database

Our three newest databases include the Ho‘omaka Hou Research Initiative Online Fishhook Database, the Hawaiian Archaeological Survey (HAS) Database, and the Rapa Nui Interactive Radiocarbon Database. The Ho‘omaka Hou Research Initiative Online Fishhook Database contains over 4,000 fishhooks from cultural sites in Ka‘u, Hawai‘i Island, that were excavated during the 1950s. The HAS Database includes [...]

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Archaeology Holdings

The Anthropology Department houses a diverse collection of archaeological materials recovered from the Hawaiian Islands, as well as over 50 islands and archipelagos throughout Oceania. The Museum’s Ethnology Collection, once managed alongside the Archaeology Collection, are now administered by the Ethnology Department. Bishop Museum’s archaeology program emerged out of ethnographic and archaeological work conducted in [...]

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Archaeology Staff

Charmaine Wong, M.A., Archaeology Collection Manager (808) 843-7609| Andrew Lorey, M.Phil., Cultural Resources Collection Technician (808) 843-7608|

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Archaeology History

The Anthropology Department has undergone many changes since its establishment early in the history of Bishop Museum. In the late 1960s, Department staff formed a contract archaeology division, which was subsequently reorganized into the Archaeological Research Group (ARG). Later reabsorbed into the Anthropology Department, the collections and research produced by Bishop Museum’s contract archaeology program [...]

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Archaeology Overview

Over the past century, the purpose of Bishop Museum’s Anthropology Department has been to study the cultural heritage of Hawai‘i and cultures throughout the Pacific. Today, the Anthropology Department is focused primarily on an archaeological research program, using the techniques of this discipline to answer questions about the long-term history of Hawai‘i and the Pacific [...]

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