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He Pule Inu ʻAwa

Contributor- Peter Pakele, Sr., Waiākea, Hilo, Hawaiʻi. He mele kānaenae no Pele, Hiʻiaka, a me Laka. [A chant of praise for Pele, Hiʻiaka, and Laka.] He ʻawa inu kahela ʻia na Kalani The ʻawa, a tasty drink for the Chiefess. Ua līhau aʻela i ka lehua makanoe [...]

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ʻO Pupuhi Kū Kalani

Contributor- Samuela Akoni Mika, Waiākea Homesteads, Hilo, Hawaiʻi. Hula lāʻau [stick dance], learned from his parents on Kauaʻi. This mele is said to date from the time of Kamehameha I. This is mele inoa for Kamehameha V (Lot Kapuāiwa). King Kamehameha V, Hawaii. Ca. 1865.Image number SP 11672 (Mele translation provided by [...]

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Noho ana Laka i ka ulu wehiwehi

“A chant commonly used in old hula schools. The scene of this chant is laid on Molokai where Kaulana-ula and other gods were believed to have dwelt. The ohia tree, symbolizing Ku-ohia-laka, was always found in the kuahu or hula altar. Chants of praise were acceptable as gifts as any material gift would be.” [...]

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Unreal: Hawaiʻi in Popular Imagination

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi –Bishop Museum’s new exhibition Unreal: Hawaiʻi in Popular Imagination, on display July 14, 2018–January 27, 2019, presents rare, never-before-seen-together images and objects drawn from one of the largest private collections of Hawaiʻi-themed printed ephemera in existence.

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He mele he inoa no Koʻolau

Kaluaikoʻolau ("Koʻolau the Leper"), right, his wife Piʻilani, left, their son Kaleimanu, and Piʻilaniʻs mother. Ca. 1893. Hāʻena-Wet Caves. Wahineikeouli. Kēia mele no Koʻolau. Koʻolau was a man at Hāʻena afflicted with leprosy who escaped from confinement. Wahineikeouli composed this mele about him perhaps 30 years ago. (Mele translation provided by Mary Kawena [...]

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