Art and Design

‘A’AHU:  Clothing and Adornments

How do we make the things we wear?  Clothing keeps our bodies protected, signifies our roles in society, and connects us to our island home.  Through multisensory exploration, students will learn about the materials and processes used to make kapa (barkcloth), featherwork, and some unique articles of Hawaiian clothing.

Unreal: Hawai’I in Popular Imagination

June 17, 2018 – January (tentative) 2019

Look at the portrayals and perceptions surrounding Hawaii for over 100 years or marketing in the United States. Observe a contemporary mural,  ʻĀINA ALOHA, created by Native Hawaiian artists. The mural “invites forgiveness, further conversation and greater understanding on historical trauma.”  This exhibit will allow the thoughtful visitor to explore beliefs and analyze the ways that art and marketing impact communities.  It’s an ideal catalyst for discussion, growth and greater understanding of the people who make up Hawai’i and those who continue to shape this place.

Rapa Nui: Untold Tales of Easter Island

November 3, 2018 –  May (tentative), 2019

A special art installment from Rapa Nuian artists will be featured in the back half of this exhibition. Paintings, sculptures and photographs will help to illustrate significant elements of life in Rapa Nui.