Heiva i Vaihi – Tuʻaro Maʻohi: Tahitian Sports Competition

Bishop Museum in Partnership with Tahiti Mana Present:

Heiva i Vaihi – Tuʻaro Maʻohi Sport Competition
Sunday, September 3, 2017
on the Great Lawn at Bishop Museum
1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Adult: $10
Junior (4-17 years):  $7
Children (under 3 years): Free
Bishop Museum Members: Free with membership card

Heiva i Vaihi is a celebration of Tahitian culture. Tahitian craft booths will feature talented artisans of French Polynesia. Purchase Tahitian crafts and enjoy demonstrations, and Tahitian music and dance.

Contestants from all over the world come together to celebrate the vibrant culture of Tahiti and to compete for trophies in  Tu’aro Ma’ohi, Tahitian traditional sports. 

The Tahitian sports categories are:

  • AmoraʻaʻŌfaʻi – Stone Lifting
  • Timau Raʻau – Fruit Bearing Race
  • Tauma Haʻari – Coconut Tree Climbing

All  Tahitian dancers, rock lifters, fruit-bearing racers, and coconut tree climbers are welcome to participate in the festivities. There will be cash prizes awarded to top finishers. Food vendors will also be present for visitors to enjoy a snack or visit the Bishop Museum Cafe by Highway Inn for some delicious Hawaiian food.


Heiva i Vaihi is presented by Tahiti Mana in partnership with Bishop Museum along with the support from the Federation Des Sports Et Jeux Traditionnels (Traditional Sports Federation of Tahiti).

Heiva i Vaihi will continue  on Monday, September, 4, 2017  at Hawaii Theatre with the ‘Ori Tahiti, Tahitian dance competition.

Tickets and schedule information for the ‘Ori Tahiti, Tahitian dance competition are available online at Hawaii Theatre.