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Invertebrate Zoology - FAQ •Only collection in the world devoted solely to marine invertebrates of the Pacific Islands. Focus of the collection is primarily the Hawaiian Islands. •Material in the collection represents over 100 years of scientific activity in the Hawaiian Islands and Pacific region, including specimens from a number of the earliest scientific expeditions [...]

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IZ Overview

The Invertebrate Zoology collection at Bishop Museum contains over 35,000 cataloged specimen lots, thousands more uncurated lots, and is the repository for over 1000 type specimens of tropical Pacific marine invertebrates! The IZ collection includes noteworthy material from the mesophotic zone, emerging volcanoes, submerged ancient coral reefs, and the largest marine monument in the world [...]

Skywatch January 2016

For all of January 2016, four of the five naked eye planets can be seen in the morning sky (Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn). In the final days of the month, Mercury joins the party, making it possible around 6 a.m. in late January to see all five naked-eye planets at the same time.   Planet [...]

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BISHOP MUSEUM TO IMPLEMENT NEW STRATEGIC MEASURES IN CONTINUED TRANSFORMATION Plans Include Focus on Public Programs and Disposition of Assets HONOLULU – After a multi-year extensive planning process, Bishop Museum will implement the next steps in its new strategic direction which will broaden the museum's operating model through a sustainable mix of programs and [...]

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