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From 1922 to 1982, Bishop Museum Press published single Bulletin titles that encompassed comprehensive and monographic results of research on subjects across all the science disciplines. A total of 238 Bulletins were published during that period. In 1987, the Press split the Bulletin series into four areas—Anthropology, Botany, Entomology, and Zoology—in order to better address the needs of our subscribers and accommodate a growing number of research papers being submitted for publication. In 2004, the Museum added a new series, Bulletins in Cultural and Environmental Studies, which allows publication of scientific results in the fast-growing arena of cross-disciplinary research.

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Bishop Museum Occasional Papers

Bishop Museum Occasional Papers is a series of short, peer-reviewed reports of original research in the natural and cultural sciences of Hawai‘i and the Pacific region. Collection of papers into numbered volumes ceased with Vol. 31. Papers are now published individually, starting with No. 32.

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