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The Zooarchaeology Collection databases are searchable by order, family, genus and species, common and local names. Bishop Museum's zooarchaeology comparative reference collections are available for use by students and researchers interested in identifying faunal remains from archaeological sites in Hawai‘i and elsewhere in the Pacific.

Please note that these databases are the Anthropology Departments reference collections holdings and NOT the complete Vertebrate Zoology Collection of the Bishop Museum. Please contact the Vertebrate Zoology Collections Manager for more information on the Museum's complete holdings.

Commercial identification services are also available for researchers and contractors on a competitive fee-for-service basis. Please contact Pumehana Imada at 808.848.4198 or Ken Longenecker at 808.847.8273 to schedule an appointment to visit the Museum and use the collection, or to make inquiries regarding consulting services.

Mammal Database

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