News releases will be archived here as the expedition progresses
Number Date Headline
26 10-19 Six-week Research Expedition To Hawaii's Remote Northwestern Islands And Atolls Comes To An End, Vessel Rapture Returns To Honolulu Today
25 10-18 Northwestern Hawaiian Island Expedition Comes To A Close, Rapture Returns To Honolulu Thursday Morning, October 19
24 10-17 Expedition Provides Young Scientists With Major Jumpstart In Career Experience
23 10-16 Gardner Pinnacles Provide Unexpected Look At The Land And Sea
22 10-15 Laysan Island Tells A Remarkable Tale Of Restoration And Recovery
21 10-14 Microbiologists Probe Lake Laysan For Unique Bacteria And Other Organisms In Search Of New Discoveries
20 10-13 Few Black Pearl Oysters Found At Pearl And Hermes Reef
19 10-12 Hyperspectral Imaging Aims To Reveal Longer Term Impacts To Coral Reefs From Shipwrecks And Other Disturbances
18 10-11 Divers Find Unusual 'Atoll Within An Atoll' At Pearl And Hermes Reef, Large Ulua Continue To Swarm Scientists
17 10-10 Search For Invertebrates Yields Ten New Sponge Species Found In Single Sink Hole At Pearl And Hermes Atoll
16 10-09 Land Team Goes Ashore On Southeast Island To Map The Growth Of Aggressive Alien Weeds, Pearl And Hermes Reef
15 10-08 Rapture To Return To Hawaii To Conduct Six Months Of Marine
Education Programs Starting In November
14 10-05 Big Headed Ants Dominate Insect World On Kure Atoll -- 26,500 Ants Per Square Meter Found In Some Sections Of The Island
13 10-04

Nearshore Survey Of Marine Debris Off Kure's South Shore Yields Bundled Mass Of Nets

12 10-03 Paradise Queen II Shipwreck Continues To Break-Up At Kure Atoll, Two Years After It Crashes On The Reef
11 10-02 Kure Atoll Now Rat-Free After Multi Year Eradication Program
10 09-28 Swarming Behavior Of Large Reef Fish Defies Previous Theories -- Curious Fish, Better Watch Out
09 09-28 Over-The-Counter Lasers Prove Useful As New Fish Monitoring Device
08 09-27

Two New Coral Species Recorded

07 09-26 Dilapidated Sea Wall Threatens Wildlife At Tern Island, French Frigate Shoals -- Refuge Staff Rescue Young Monk Seal
06 09-25 French Frigate Shoal Sediments To Be Analyzed For Toxic Contaminants
05 09-25 Escaped Fish Buoy From Makapu'u, Oahu Found At French Frigate Shoals
04 09-24 Divers Complete First Set Of Coral Transects Off Disappearing Island, French Frigate Shoals
03 09-22 Coral Researchers Complete Transect Dives At Nihoa And Necker Ahead Of Schedule
02 09-20 Scientists Surprised By Number Of Alien Insects On Nihoa Island
01 09-19 Month-Long Science Expedition To Hawaii's Remote Islands And Atolls Begins