NOWRAMP Expedition Initial Results


The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands represent a large no-take area, protected
from fishing and dedicated to both fish and wildlife. The emerged islands
represent some of the last remaining habitats for seabirds, endangered
monk seals and the threatened green sea turtle to survive upon. The reefs
are some of last remaining "natural" coral reefs left in the world. The
NWHI are part of the public trust and offer a chance protect the unique
and irreplaceable ecosystems of these remote islands and atolls. The also
offer the opportunity to examine what could occur if larger, more effective
no-take marine protected areas and wildlife sanctuaries were established
in the main Islands. These areas should not only be set aside for their
intrinsic value, but also for their value to enhance fishing in adjacent
areas and hedge against species collapses, especially those resulting
from inadequate management of fishery resources in the main islands.