USNM Bombyliidae Collection Checklist

This collection of bombyliids (or bee flies), originally at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC (USNM) is part of their Off-Site Collection Enhancement Program developed by then-entomology chair Dr. Ronald McGinley. This program allowed the transfer of this collection to the Bishop Museum, where it is currently under the curatorship of Neal Evenhuis. The almost 300,000 specimens in the collection are continually being maintained and used as a source of reference and study material for the collection curator as well as others who may wish to borrow the material.

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USNM Mythicomyiidae checklist (formerly in Bombyliidae).
USNM Bombyliidae types list

The following list is the latest inventory of identified Bombyliidae in the USNM Bombyliidae collection (currently housed in the Bishop Museum).

Acreophthiria americana (Coquillett)
Acreophthiria arens (manuscript name in collection)
Acreophthiria egerminans (Loew)
Acreophthiria enceliae (manuscript name in collection)
Acreophthiria humeralis (manuscript name in collection)
Acreophthiria humilis (Osten Sacken)
Acreophthiria senescens (manuscript name in collection)
Acreophthiria similis (Coquillett)
Acreophthiria socia (manuscript name in collection)
Acreophthiria sp.

Acreotrichus gibbicornis (Macquart)

Acrophthalmyda paulseni (Philippi)
Acrophthalmyda sp.
Acrophthalmyda sphenoptera (Loew)

Adelogenys braunsii Hesse

Aldrichia auripuncta Painter
Aldrichia ehrmanii Coquillett

Aleucosia tricellata (Macquart)

Amictogeron sp.

Amictus heteropterus (Macquart)
Amictus pulchellus Macquart
Amictus validus Loew
Amictus variegatus (Meigen)

Amphicosmus arizonensis Johnson & Johnson
Amphicosmus elegans Coquillett
Amphicosmus sp.

Anastoechus barbatus Osten Sacken
Anastoechus hessei Hall
Anastoechus hyrcanus (Wiedemann)
Anastoechus leucosoma Bezzi
Anastoechus leucothrix Hall & Evenhuis
Anastoechus melanohalteralis Tucker
Anastoechus nitidulus (Fabricius)
Anastoechus rubricosus (Wiedemann)
Anastoechus sp.

Anthrax acroleucus (Wiedemann)
Anthrax aethiops (Fabricius)
Anthrax albofasciatus Macquart
Anthrax albosparsus (Bigot)
Anthrax analis Say
Anthrax angularis Thomson
Anthrax angustipennis Macquart
Anthrax antecedens Walker
Anthrax anthrax (Schrank)
Anthrax aquilus Marston
Anthrax argentatus Cole
Anthrax argyropygus Wiedemann
Anthrax artemesia Marston
Anthrax artemesia X fur (?hybrid)
Anthrax aterrimus (Bigot)
Anthrax atriplex Marston
Anthrax aureosquamosus Marston
Anthrax austrinus Marston
Anthrax baliopteros Marston
Anthrax bellulus Philippi
Anthrax busonicus Fran$ccedil;ois
Anthrax caatingensis Marston
Anthrax carbo Rondani
Anthrax cascadensis Marston
Anthrax cascadensis X daphne
Anthrax cascadensis X piceus
Anthrax cathetodaithmos Marston
Anthrax cedens Walker
Anthrax cephus Fabricius
Anthrax chaparralus Marston
Anthrax chionanthrax (Bezzi)
Anthrax cintalapa Marston
Anthrax clinopictus Marston
Anthrax columbiensis Marston
Anthrax cordillerensis Marston
Anthrax costaricensis Marston
Anthrax cybele (Coquillett)
Anthrax daphne (Osten Sacken)
Anthrax decipiens (Bezzi)
Anthrax delicatulus Walker
Anthrax distigma Wiedemann
Anthrax duodecimpunctatus Philippi
Anthrax funebris Macquart
Anthrax fur (Osten Sacken)
Anthrax gideon Fabricius
Anthrax gideon X analis
Anthrax grossbecki Johnson
Anthrax hyalacrus Wiedemann
Anthrax hylaios Marston
Anthrax imitans (Schiner)
Anthrax inaquosum Marston
Anthrax innubilipennis Marston
Anthrax inordinatus Rondani
Anthrax insulanus Marston
Anthrax irroratus Say
Anthrax koebelei Marston
Anthrax larrea Marston
Anthrax larrea X artemesia
Anthrax latelimbatus (Bigot)
Anthrax latibasis Marston
Anthrax laticellus Marston
Anthrax leucogaster Wiedemann
Anthrax leucopygus Macquart
Anthrax limatulus Say
Anthrax limatulus X fur
Anthrax luctuosus Macquart
Anthrax macquarti d'Andretta & Carrera
Anthrax maculatus Macquart
Anthrax melampogon (Bigot)
Anthrax melanopogon (Bigot)
Anthrax midas Fabricius
Anthrax nidicola Cole
Anthrax nigriventris Marston
Anthrax nitidus Marston
Anthrax oedipus Fabricius
Anthrax oedipus X aquilus
Anthrax painteri Marston
Anthrax pauper (Loew)
Anthrax peruvianus Marston
Anthrax piceus Marston
Anthrax pithecius Fabricius
Anthrax plesius Curran
Anthrax pluricellus Williston
Anthrax plurinotus (Bigot)
Anthrax pluto Wiedemann
Anthrax propinquus (Schiner)
Anthrax punctata (Macquart)
Anthrax repertus Walker
Anthrax sereipunctatus (Osten Sacken)
Anthrax snowi Marston
Anthrax sp.
Anthrax squalidus Philippi
Anthrax stellans (Loew)
Anthrax striatipennis Marston
Anthrax trimaculatus Macquart
Anthrax vallicola Marston
Anthrax varicolor (Bigot)
Anthrax varius Fabricius
Anthrax vierecki (Cresson)

Aphoebantus abnormis Coquillett
Aphoebantus altercintus Melander
Aphoebantus arenicola Melander
Aphoebantus argentifrons Cole
Aphoebantus balteatus Melander
Aphoebantus barbatus Melander
Aphoebantus bisulcus Osten Sacken
Aphoebantus borealis Cole
Aphoebantus brevistylus Coquillett
Aphoebantus capax Coquillett
Aphoebantus carbonarius Osten Sacken
Aphoebantus catenarius Melander
Aphoebantus catulus Coquillett
Aphoebantus cervinus Loew
Aphoebantus concinnus (Coquillett)
Aphoebantus contiguus Melander
Aphoebantus conurus Osten Sacken
Aphoebantus cyclops Osten Sacken
Aphoebantus denudatus Melander
Aphoebantus desertus Coquillett
Aphoebantus eremicola Melander
Aphoebantus fucatus Coquillett
Aphoebantus fumidus Coquillett
Aphoebantus fumosus (Coquillett)
Aphoebantus gluteatus Melander
Aphoebantus halteratus Melander
Aphoebantus hians Melander
Aphoebantus hirsutus Coquillett
Apheobantus interruptus Coquillett
Aphoebantus inversus Melander
Aphoebantus leviculus Coquillett
Aphoebantus maculatus Melander
Aphoebantus marcidus Coquillett
Aphoebantus marginatus Cole
Aphoebantus melanogaster (Bigot)
Aphoebantus micropygus Melander
Aphoebantus mixtus Coquillett
Apheobantus mormon Melander
Aphoebantus mus (Osten Sacken)
Aphoebantus obtectus Melander
Aphoebantus parkeri Melander
Apheobantus pavidus Coquillett
Aphoebantus pellucidus (Coquillett)
Aphoebantus peodes Osten Sacken
Aphoebantus rattus Osten Sacken
Apheobantus scalaris Melander
Aphoebantus schlingeri Hall
Aphoebantus scriptus Coquillett
Aphoebantus separatus Melander
Aphoebantus sp.
Aphoebantus sp. near contiguus
Aphoebantus sp. near cyclops
Aphoebantus sp. near eremica
Aphoebantus sp. near vittatus
Aphoebantus sperryorum Melander
Aphoebantus squamosus Coquillett
Aphoebantus tardus Coquillett
Aphoebantus transitus (Coquillett)
Aphoebantus ursula Melander
Aphoebantus varius Coquillett
Aphoebantus vasatus Melander
Aphoebantus vittatus Coquillett
Aphoebantus vulpeculus Coquillett

Apolysis acrostichalis (Melander)
Apolysis analis (Melander)
Apolysis anthonoma (Melander)
Apolysis aperta Melander
Apolysis ater (Cresson)
Apolysis bicolor (Melander)
Apolysis bifaria (Melander)
Apolysis bilineata (Melander)
Apolysis bivittata (Cresson)
Apolysis capax (Coquillett)
Apolysis chalybea (Melander)
Apolysis cinctura (Coquillett)
Apolysis cockerelli (Melander)
Apolysis colei (Melander)
Apolysis comosa (Melander)
Apolysis disjuncta Melander
Apolysis dissimilis (Melander)
Apolysis distincta (Melander)
Apolysis divisa (Melander)
Apolysis dolorosa (Melander)
Apolysis druias Melander
Apolysis eremitis (Melander)
Apolysis fasciola (Coquillett)
Apolysis glauca Melander
Apolysis instabilis (Melander)
Apolysis knabi (Cresson)
Apolysis melanderella Evenhuis
Apolysis lasia (Melander)
Apolysis longirostris (Melander)
Apolysis loricata (Melander)
Apolysis lugens (Melander)
Apolysis marginalis (Cresson)
Apolysis matutina (Melander)
Apolysis minutissima Melander
Apolysis mitis (Cresson)
Apolysis mohavea Melander
Apolysis montana (Melander)
Apolysis mus (Bigot)
Apolysis neuter (Melander)
Apolysis obscura (Cresson)
Apolysis palpalis (Melander)
Apolysis pannea (Melander)
Apolysis parkeri (Melander)
Apolysis petiolata Melander
Apolysis polia (Melander)
Apolysis pulcher (Melander)
Apolysis pullata (Melander)
Apolysis retrorsa (Melander)
Apolysis scapularis (Melander)
Apolysis scapulata (Melander)
Apolysis setosa (Cresson)
Apolysis sigma (Coquillett)
Apolysis sipho (Melander)
Apolysis sp.
Apolysis speculifer (Melander)
Apolysis timberlakei Melander
Apolysis togata (Melander)
Apolysis trifida (Melander)
Apolysis trochila (Williston)

Astrophanes adonis Osten Sacken

Atrichochira pediformis (Bezzi)

Beckerellus mollis (Bezzi)

Bombomyia bombiformis (Bezzi)
Bombomyia fulvonotatus (Wiedemann)
Bombomyia maculatus (Fabricius)
Bombomyia monticola (François)
Bombomyia orientalis (Macquart)
Bombomyia sticticus Boisduval

Bombylella argentatus Fabricius
Bombylella delicatus (Wiedemann)
Bombylella ornatus (Wiedemann)
Bombylella plorans (Bezzi)
Bombylella rufiventris (Macquart)

Bombylisoma breviusculum (Loew)
Bombylisoma flavibarbum (Loew)
Bombylisoma minimum (Schrank)
Bombylisoma nucale (Bezzi)
Bombylisoma senegalense (Macquart)

Bombylius albicapillus Loew
Bombylius albomicans Loew
Bombylius ambustus Wiedemann
Bombylius analis Fabricius
Bombylius ater Scopoli
Bombylius atriceps Loew
Bombylius aurifer Osten Sacken
Bombylius austini Painter
Bombylius azaleae Shannon
Bombylius aztec Evenhuis
Bombylius boharti Evenhuis
Bombylius c-album Evenhuis
Bombylius cachinnans Osten Sacken
Bombylius canadensis Curran
Bombylius canescens Mikan
Bombylius cinerascens Mikan
Bombylius cinerivus Painter
Bombylius clio Williston
Bombylius collaris Becker
Bombylius comanche Painter
Bombylius decrescens (manuscript name in collection)
Bombylius diegoensis Painter
Bombylius discoideus Fabricius
Bombylius discolor Mikan
Bombylius disjunctus Bezzi
Bombylius duncani Painter
Bombylius eboreus Painter
Bombylius facialis Cresson
Bombylius fimbriatus Meigen
Bombylius fisheri Evenhuis
Bombylius fraudulentus Johnson
Bombylius fuliginosus Wiedemann
Bombylius fulvescens Meigen
Bombylius fulvibasis Macquart
Bombylius fulvibasoides Painter
Bombylius fulvipes Bigot
Bombylius fuscus Fabricius
Bombylius gemmatus (manuscript name in collection)
Bombylius grandiosus Evenhuis
Bombylius io Williston
Bombylius koreanus Paramonov
Bombylius kutshurganicus Paramonov
Bombylius lancifer Osten Sacken
Bombylius lassenensis Painter
Bombylius leberi Evenhuis
Bombylius maculifer Walker
Bombylius major Linnaeus
Bombylius medius Linnaeus
Bombylius medorae Painter
Bombylius metopium Osten Sacken
Bombylius mexicanus Wiedemann
Bombylius minor Linnaeus
Bombylius neithokris Jaennicke
Bombylius neotropicus Evenhuis
Bombylius nubilis Mikan
Bombylius pendens Cole
Bombylius pericaustus Loew
Bombylius phlogmodes Evenhuis
Bombylius propinquus Brunetti
Bombylius pulchellus Loew
Bombylius pumilus Meigen
Bombylius pygmaeus Fabricius
Bombylius quadricolor Evenhuis
Bombylius quirinus Evenhuis
Bombylius rhea Evenhuis
Bombylius semifuscus Meigen
Bombylius sp.
Bombylius sylphae Evenhuis
Bombylius texanus Evenhuis
Bombylius torquatus Loew
Bombylius turcmenicus Paramonov
Bombylius undatus Mikan
Bombylius validus Loew
Bombylius varius Fabricius
Bombylius venosus Mikan
Bombylius vicinus Macquart
Bombylius vulpinus Wiedemann
Bombylius willistoni Evenhuis
Bombylius zapataensis Evenhuis
Bombylius zircon Evenhuis

Bombylius (Parabombylius) albopenicillatoides (Hall & Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) albopenicillatus Bigot
Bombylius (Parabombylius) aleophilus (Hall & Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) arizonicus (Hall & Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) aureus (Hall & Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) calus (Hall & Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) coahuilensis (Hall & Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) coquilletti Williston
Bombylius (Parabombylius) dolorosus Williston
Bombylius (Parabombylius) flavipilosus (Cole)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) fulvus (Hall & Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) hesychastes (Hall & Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) iphiculus (Hall & Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) maculosus (Painter)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) magnificus (Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) mexicanus (Hall & Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) micropsarus (Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) nephthys (Hall & Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) nigrofemoratus (Painter)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) painterorum (Hall & Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) pallidus (Hall & Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) paradoxus (Hall & Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) pulcher (Painter)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) rutilous (Hall)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) septentrionalis (Hall & Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) sp.
Bombylius (Parabombylius) subflavus (Painter)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) submaculosus (Hall & Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) syndesmus (Coquillett)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) syrinx (Hall & Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) taxcoensis (Hall & Evenhuis)
Bombylius (Parabombylius) vittatus (Painter)

Bombylius (Zephyrectes) cruciatus Fabricius
Bombylius (Zephyrectes) incanus Johnson
Bombylius (Zephyrectes) ravus Loew

Brachyanax sp.

Brachydemia hedickei (Paramonov)

Brychosoma pictipenne (Macquart)

Bryodemina fasciata (Williston)
Bryodemina sp.
Bryodemina valida (Wiedemann)

Cacoplox griseata Hull
Cacoplox nigricornis (Philippi)

Callostoma fascipenne Macquart
Callostoma soror Loew
Callostoma sp.

Chrysanthrax adumbratus (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax altus (Tucker)
Chrysanthrax anna (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax argentosus (Painter)
Chrysanthrax arizonensis (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax astarte (Wiedemann)
Chrysanthrax bipartitus (Bigot)
Chrysanthrax capreus (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax cautor (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax cerius (Williston)
Chrysanthrax cinefactus (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax comparatus (Tucker)
Chrysanthrax costatus (Bigot)
Chrysanthrax crocinus (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax cypris (Meigen)
Chrysanthrax dichotoma (Schiner)
Chrysanthrax dimidiata (Wiedemann)
Chrysanthrax dispar (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax edititius (Say)
Chrysanthrax eudorus (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax fulvago (Philippi)
Chrysanthrax fulvohirtus (Wiedemann)
Chrysanthrax fuscus (Fabricius)
Chrysanthrax galapagensis Painter & Painter
Chrysanthrax gemellus (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax gorgon (Fabricius)
Chrysanthrax hircinus (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax impiger (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax juncturus (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax leviculus (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax nebulosus (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax pallidulus (coquillett)
Chrysanthrax philippii (Rondani)
Chrysanthrax psaminus (Cole)
Chrysanthrax ravus (Painter)
Chrysanthrax rectus (Walker)
Chrysanthrax restitutus (Walker)
Chrysanthrax sabulosus (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax sackenianus (Williston)
Chrysanthrax scitulus (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax semilugens (Philippi)
Chrysanthrax sp.
Chrysanthrax subandinus (Philippi)
Chrysanthrax supinus (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax tantillus (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax telluris (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax terrena (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax trimaculus (Walker)
Chrysanthrax turbatus (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax vanduzeei (Cole)
Chrysanthrax vanus (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax variatus (Coquillett)
Chrysanthrax vulpinus (Coquillett)

Comptosia apicalis Macquart
Comptosia australensis (Schiner)
Comptosia extensa (Walker)
Comptosia fascipennis Macquart
Comptosia insignis (Walker)
Comptosia quadripennis (Walker)
Comptosia sp.
Comptosia stria (Walker)

Cononedys efflatouni (Bezzi)
Cononedys stenurus (Loew)

Conophorina bicellaris Becker

Conophorus amabilis (Osten Sacken)
Conophorus atratulus (Loew)
Conophorus auratus Priddy
Conophorus chinooki Priddy
Conophorus collini Priddy
Conophorus columbiensis Priddy
Conophorus cristatus Painter
Conophorus fallax (Greene)
Conophorus fenestratus (Osten Sacken)
Conophorus flavescens (Meigen)
Conophorus fuliginosus (Wiedemann)
Conophorus griseus (Fabricius)
Conophorus hiltoni Priddy
Conophorus hirticornis (Latreille)
Conophorus limbatus (Loew)
Conophorus melanoceratus Bigot
Conophorus monticola Paramonov
Conophorus nigripennis (Loew)
Conophorus obesulus (Loew)
Conophorus painteri Priddy
Conophorus rossicus Paramonov
Conophorus rufulus (Osten Sacken)
Conophorus sackenii Johnson & Maughan
Conophorus serratus (Coquillett)
Conophorus sp.
Conophorus virescens (Fabricius)

Corsomyza brevicornis Hesse
Corsomyza clavicornis Wiedemann
Corsomyza hirtipes Macquart

Cyananthrax cyanoptera (Wiedemann)

Cyllenia maculata Latreille
Cyllenia marginata Loew
Cyllenia sp.

Cyrtomyia chilensis Paramonov
Cyrtomyia pictipennis (Bigot)
Cyrtomyia sp.

Cytherea barbara (Sack)
Cytherea delicata (Becker)
Cytherea obscura Fabricius
Cytherea trifaria (Becker)

Cytherea (Chalcochiton) holosericea (Fabricius)
Cytherea (Chalcochiton) pallasii (Loew)

Desmatomyia anomala Williston

Desmatoneura argentifrons Williston
Desmatoneura diaphora (manuscript name in collection)
Desmatoneura meridionalis (Hesse)

Diatropomma carcassoni Bowden
Diatropomma claudia (François)

Dicranoclista fasciata Johnson & Johnson
Dicranoclista vandykei (Coquillett)

Diochanthrax morulus (Hall)

Dipalta banksi Johnson
Dipalta serpentina Osten Sacken
Dipalta sp.

Diplocampta secunda Paramonov
Diplocampta singularis Schiner

Dischistus plumipalpis Bezzi
Dischistus senex (Wiedemann)

Doddosia sp.

Dolichomyia chilensis (Philippi)
Dolichomyia coniocera Hall
Dolichomyia detecta Schiner
Dolichomyia gracilis Wiedemann
Dolichomyia sp.

Epacmus cirratus Melander
Epacmus clunalis Melander
Epacmus connectens Melander
Epacmus labiosus Melander
Epacmus leviculus (Coquillett)
Epacmus litus (Coquillett)
Epacmus modestus (Loew)
Epacmus morsicans Melander
Epacmus nebritus Coquillett
Epacmus nitidus Cole
Epacmus pallidus Cresson
Epacmus ponderosus Melander
Epacmus pulvereus Melander
Epacmus sp.
Epacmus sp. near morsicans
Epacmus tomentosus Melander

Eucessia rubens Coquillett
Eucessia sp.

Euchariomyia dives Bigot
Euchariomyia pulchellus (Wulp)
Euchariomyia scintillans (Brunetti)
Euchariomyia sp.
Euchariomyia wulpii Brunetti

Euprepina amabilis (Wulp)
Euprepina bicincta (Wiedemann)
Euprepina caminaria (Wiedemann)
Euprepina knutsoni Hull
Euprepina maculata Hull
Euprepina maracajula Hull
Euprepina nuda Hull
Euprepina shannoni Hull
Euprepina sp.

Eurycarenus dichopticus Bezzi
Eurycarenus laticeps (Loew)
Eurycarenus sp.

Euryphthiria grandis Evenhuis

Exechohypopion corrigiolatum (Rondani)
Exechohypopion varipennis (Roberts)

Exepacmus johnsoni Coquillett
Exepacmus sp.

Exhyalanthrax absalon (Wiedemann)
Exhyalanthrax afer (Fabricius)
Exhyalanthrax argentifer (Becker)
Exhyalanthrax auctellus (Shiraki)
Exhyalanthrax nigricosta (Macquart)
Exhyalanthrax occidabruptus (Bowden)
Exhyalanthrax rescula (François)
Exhyalanthrax simplex (Macquart)
Exhyalanthrax sp.

Exoprosopa actites Painter
Exoprosopa adelaidica Macquart
Exoprosopa agassizii Loew
Exoprosopa albicollaris Painter
Exoprosopa albifrons Curran
Exoprosopa ancilla Bezzi
Exoprosopa anomala Painter
Exoprosopa arenicola Johnson & Johnson
Exoprosopa argentifasciata Macquart
Exoprosopa atripes Cole
Exoprosopa aurulans Bezzi
Exoprosopa aztec Painter
Exoprosopa baccha Loew
Exoprosopa bagdadensis Becker
Exoprosopa batrachoides Bezzi
Exoprosopa bellula Painter
Exoprosopa bifurca Loew
Exoprosopa brevirostris Williston
Exoprosopa brevistylata Williston
Exoprosopa butleri Johnson & Johnson
Exoprosopa caliptera (Say)
Exoprosopa callima Painter
Exoprosopa capucina (Fabricius)
Exoprosopa castilla Painter
Exoprosopa celeris Cole
Exoprosopa clarki Curran
Exoprosopa cracens Painter
Exoprosopa cubana Loew
Exoprosopa decora Loew
Exoprosopa dimidiata Macquart
Exoprosopa disrupta Walker
Exoprosopa divisa (Coquillett)
Exoprosopa dodrans Osten Sacken
Exoprosopa dorcadion Osten Sacken
Exoprosopa doris Osten Sacken
Exoprosopa emarginata Macquart
Exoprosopa eremita Osten Sacken
Exoprosopa euretra (manuscript name in collection)
Exoprosopa fasciata (Dufour)
Exoprosopa fasciolata Painter
Exoprosopa fascipennis (Say)
Exoprosopa filia Osten Sacken
Exoprosopa flammea Brunetti
Exoprosopa fuligosa Painter
Exoprosopa fumosa Cresson
Exoprosopa germari (Wiedemann)
Exoprosopa grandis (Wiedemann)
Exoprosopa grata Coquillett
Exoprosopa heros (Wiedemann)
Exoprosopa hulli Painter
Exoprosopa hyalipennis Cole
Exoprosopa ignifera (Walker)
Exoprosopa infumata Bezzi
Exoprosopa ingens Cresson
Exoprosopa insulata Walker
Exoprosopa interrupta (Wiedemann)
Exoprosopa iota Osten Sacken
Exoprosopa jacchus (Fabricius)
Exoprosopa jonesi Cresson
Exoprosopa junta Curran
Exoprosopa lacerata Engel
Exoprosopa lateralis Brunetti
Exoprosopa latiuscula Loew
Exoprosopa leon Painter
Exoprosopa lepida Painter
Exoprosopa limbipennis Macquart
Exoprosopa linearis Bezzi
Exoprosopa longirostris Macquart
Exoprosopa lutzi Curran
Exoprosopa magnipennis Bezzi
Exoprosopa marginicollis (Gray)
Exoprosopa medica (manuscript name in collection)
Exoprosopa meigenii (Wiedemann)
Exoprosopa melaena Loew
Exoprosopa melanura Bigot
Exoprosopa miniscula Painter
Exoprosopa minois Loew
Exoprosopa minos (Meigen)
Exoprosopa minuscula Painter
Exoprosopa morosa Loew
Exoprosopa mus Curran
Exoprosopa nigroventris Painter
Exoprosopa noctula (Wiedemann)
Exoprosopa notabilis Macquart
Exoprosopa pallens Bigot
Exoprosopa panamaensis Curran
Exoprosopa parda Osten Sacken
Exoprosopa parvula Bezzi
Exoprosopa pavida Williston
Exoprosopa picta (Wiedemann)
Exoprosopa procne Osten Sacken
Exoprosopa pueblensis Jaennicke
Exoprosopa pueblensis group
Exoprosopa pygmalion Macquart
Exoprosopa rhea Osten Sacken
Exoprosopa rivularis (Meigen)
Exoprosopa rostrifera Jaennicke
Exoprosopa rutila (Wiedemann)
Exoprosopa sanctipauli Macquart
Exoprosopa sima Osten Sacken
Exoprosopa sipho Aldrich
Exoprosopa socia Osten Sacken
Exoprosopa sola Painter
Exoprosopa sordida Loew
Exoprosopa sp.
Exoprosopa sp. near mus
Exoprosopa spadix Painter
Exoprosopa stellifera (Walker)
Exoprosopa subfascia (Walker)
Exoprosopa texana Curran
Exoprosopa tiburonensis Cole
Exoprosopa titubans Osten Sacken
Exoprosopa trabalis Loew
Exoprosopa uruguayi Macquart
Exoprosopa venosa (Wiedemann)
Exoprosopa vespertilio Wiedemann
Exoprosopa xanthina Painter

Geminaria canalis (Coquillett)
Geminaria pellucida Coquillett

Geron albarius Painter
Geron albidipennis Loew
Geron albipilosus (manuscript name in collection)
Geron arenicola Painter
Geron argutus Painter
Geron aridus Painter
Geron arizonicus (manuscript name in collection)
Geron australis Macquart
Geron borealis (manuscript name in collection)
Geron coloradensis (manuscript name in collection)
Geron confusus (manuscript name in collection)
Geron digitarius Cresson
Geron elachys (manuscript name in collection)
Geron erigonae (manuscript name in collection)
Geron exumae Scarbrough
Geron gibbosus (Olivier)
Geron grandis Painter
Geron halteralis Wiedemann
Geron holosericeus Walker
Geron hybridus Bezzi
Geron infrequens (manuscript name in collection)
Geron insularis Bigot
Geron johnsoni Painter
Geron litoralis Painter
Geron macropterus Loew
Geron montanus (manuscript name in collection)
Geron nasutus Bezzi
Geron nevadensis (manuscript name in collection)
Geron nigripes Painter
Geron notios (manuscript name in collection)
Geron parvidus Painter
Geron parvus Hesse
Geron prosopidis (manuscript name in collection)
Geron robustus Cresson
Geron rufipes Macquart
Geron salmonus Scarbrough & Davidson
Geron senilis (Fabricius)
Geron sp.
Geron stenos (manuscript name in collection)
Geron subauratus Loew
Geron versicolor Painter
Geron vitripennis Loew
Geron winburni Painter

Geron (Empidigeron) calvus Loew
Geron (Empidigeron) hybus Coquillett
Geron (Empidigeron) nudus Painter
Geron (Empidigeron) snowi Painter

Gnumyia fuscipennis Hesse

Gonarthrus chionoleucus Hesse
Gonarthrus leucophys (Bigot)
Gonarthrus sp.

Hemipenthes assimilis (Macquart)
Hemipenthes bigradata (Loew)
Hemipenthes blanchardiana (Jaennicke)
Hemipenthes castanipes Bigot
Hemipenthes catulina (Coquillett)
Hemipenthes celeris (Wiedemann)
Hemipenthes chimaera (Osten Sacken)
Hemipenthes comanche (Painter)
Hemipenthes curta (Loew)
Hemipenthes differens (Hall)
Hemipenthes ditaenia (Wiedemann)
Hemipenthes edwardsii (Coquillett)
Hemipenthes eumenes (Osten Sacken)
Hemipenthes extensa (Wulp)
Hemipenthes floridana (Macquart)
Hemipenthes galathea (Osten Sacken)
Hemipenthes gayi (Macquart)
Hemipenthes ignea (Macquart)
Hemipenthes incisa (Walker)
Hemipenthes inops (Coquillett)
Hemipenthes jaennickeana (Osten Sacken)
Hemipenthes lemniscata (Philippi)
Hemipenthes lepidota (Osten Sacken)
Hemipenthes maldonadensis (Macquart)
Hemipenthes martinorum (Painter)
Hemipenthes maurus (Linnaeus)
Hemipenthes micromelas (Bigot)
Hemipenthes minas Macquart
Hemipenthes mobile (Coquillett)
Hemipenthes morio (Linnaeus)
Hemipenthes nudiuscula (Thomson)
Hemipenthes nycthemerus (Wiedemann)
Hemipenthes oldroydi (Hall)
Hemipenthes orbitalis (Williston)
Hemipenthes pima (Painter)
Hemipenthes pleuralis (Williston)
Hemipenthes pullata (Coquillett)
Hemipenthes rohdendorfi Paramonov
Hemipenthes sagata (Loew)
Hemipenthes scylla (Osten Sacken)
Hemipenthes seminigra (Loew)
Hemipenthes sinuosa (Wiedemann)
Hemipenthes sinuosa group
Hemipenthes sp.
Hemipenthes succinctus (Coquillett)
Hemipenthes tenuirostris (Macquart)
Hemipenthes velutinus (Meigen)
Hemipenthes webberi (Johnson)
Hemipenthes wilcoxi (Painter)
Hemipenthes yaqui (Painter)

Heteralonia adjectus (manuscript name in collection)
Heteralonia angulata (Loew)
Heteralonia brunettii ??
Heteralonia consanguinea (Macquart)
Heteralonia lamborni (manuscript name in collection)
Heteralonia reticulata (Loew)
Heteralonia sequax (manuscript name in collection)
Heteralonia sita (manuscript name in collection)
Heteralonia sp.
Heteralonia stylata (Brunetti)

Heteralonia (Acrodisca) suffusa (Klug)

Heteralonia (Heteralonia) oculata (Macquart)

Heteralonia (Homolonia) aegina (Wiedemann)
Heteralonia (Homolonia) maculifera (Bezzi)
Heteralonia (Honolonia) megerlei (Meigen)

Heteralonia (Isotamia) daveyi (Bezzi)
Heteralonia (Isotamia) sp.

Heterostylum basalaris (Wiedemann)
Heterostylum croceum Painter
Heterostylum deani Painter
Heterostylum engelhardti Painter
Heterostylum ferrugineum (Fabricius)
Heterostylum flavum Macquart
Heterostylum haemorrhoicum (Loew)
Heterostylum helvolum Hall & Evenhuis
Heterostylum pallipes Bigot
Heterostylum robustum (Osten Sacken)
Heterostylum rufum (Olivier)
Heterostylum semirufum (Loew)
Heterostylum sp.
Heterostylum stigmatias Knab
Heterostylum xanthobasis Curran

Heterotropus aegyptiacus Paramonov
Heterotropus ammophilus Paramonov

Hyperalonia chilensis (Rondani)
Hyperalonia coeruleiventris (Macquart)
Hyperalonia erythrocephala (Fabricius)
Hyperalonia morio (Fabricius)
Hyperalonia sp.
Hyperalonia surinamensis Rondani

Inyo destructor Hall & Evenhuis
Inyo senex (Melander)

Legnotomyia sp.

Lepidanthrax agrestis (Coquillett)
Lepidanthrax angulus Osten Sacken
Lepidanthrax arizonensis Hall
Lepidanthrax arnaudi Hall
Lepidanthrax borius Hall
Lepidanthrax brachialis (Thomson)
Lepidanthrax californicus Hall
Lepidanthrax calyptus Hall
Lepidanthrax campestris (Coquillett)
Lepidanthrax capnopennis Hall
Lepidanthrax chalcus Hall
Lepidanthrax diamphus Hall
Lepidanthrax disjunctus (Wiedemann)
Lepidanthrax ellipus Hall
Lepidanthrax eremicus Hall
Lepidanthrax euthemus Hall
Lepidanthrax fuscipennis Hall
Lepidanthrax hesperus Hall
Lepidanthrax homologus Hall
Lepidanthrax hyalinipennis Cole
Lepidanthrax hypomelas Hall
Lepidanthrax hyposcelus Hall
Lepidanthrax inauratus (Coquillett)
Lepidanthrax indecisus Curran
Lepidanthrax lautus (Coquillett)
Lepidanthrax linguatus Roberts
Lepidanthrax litus Hall
Lepidanthrax lutzi Curran
Lepidanthrax meristus Hall
Lepidanthrax mimus Hall
Lepidanthrax mornus Curran
Lepidanthrax morphnus Hall
Lepidanthrax oribates Hall
Lepidanthrax painterorum Hall
Lepidanthrax panamaensis Curran
Lepidanthrax periphanus Hall
Lepidanthrax peristigus Hall
Lepidanthrax photinus Hall
Lepidanthrax proboscideus (Loew)
Lepidanthrax rauchi Hall
Lepidanthrax sonorensis Hall
Lepidanthrax sp.
Lepidanthrax stichus Hall
Lepidanthrax trichromus (manuscript name in collection)
Lepidanthrax utahensis Hall

Lepidophora acroleuca Painter
Lepidophora aegeriiformis (Gray)
Lepidophora appendiculata (Macquart)
Lepidophora cuneata Painter
Lepidophora lepidocera (Wiedemann)
Lepidophora lutea Painter
Lepidophora secutor Walker
Lepidophora sp.
Lepidophora vetusta Walker

Ligyra alacer Painter
Ligyra aurantiaca (Guérin-Méneville)
Ligyra bifasciata ???
Ligyra bizona (Walker)
Ligyra bombyliiformis Macleay
Ligyra cerbera (Fabricius)
Ligyra chrysolampis (Jaennicke)
Ligyra doryca (Boisduval)
Ligyra evansi Painter
Ligyra fenestralis (Wiedemann)
Ligyra flavofasciata (Macquart)
Ligyra gargantua (Knab)
Ligyra gazophylax (Loew)
Ligyra guerinii (Macquart)
Ligyra harpyia (Wiedemann)
Ligyra hela (Erichson)
Ligyra kaupii (Jaennicke)
Ligyra klugii (Wiedemann)
Ligyra lachme (manuscript name in collection)
Ligyra latreillei (Wiedemann)
Ligyra oenomas Rondani
Ligyra orca (Walker)
Ligyra orientalis (Paramonov)
Ligyra paris (Bezzi)
Ligyra pilatei (Macquart)
Ligyra proserpina (Wiedemann)
Ligyra satyrus (Fabricius)
Ligyra semifuscata (Brunetti)
Ligyra servillei (Macquart)
Ligyra similis (Coquillett)
Ligyra sp.
Ligyra sphinx (Fabricius)
Ligyra stymphalis (Wiedemann)
Ligyra styx (manuscript name in collection)
Ligyra tantalus (Fabricius)
Ligyra trifasciata ???
Ligyra trifigurata (Walker)
Ligyra venus Karsch

Litorhina collaris (Wiedemann)
Litorhina corticalis (Bezzi)
Litorhina erythraea (Bezzi)
Litorhina lar (Fabricius)
Litorhina maura (Thunberg)
Litorhina obumbrata (Bezzi)
Litorhina pseudocollaris (Bezzi)
Litorhina rostrata (Loew)
Litorhina sp.

Lomatia belzebul (Fabricius)
Lomatia conspicabilis Austen
Lomatia erinnys Loew
Lomatia inornata Loew
Lomatia lateralis (Meigen)
Lomatia pictipennis (Wiedemann)
Lomatia sabaea (Fabricius)
Lomatia sp.
Lomatia tisiphone Loew

Lordotus abdominalis Johnson & Johnson
Lordotus albidus Hall
Lordotus apiculus Coquillett
Lordotus arizonensis Johnson & Johnson
Lordotus bipartitus Painter
Lordotus bucerus Coquillett
Lordotus cingulatus Johnson & Johnson
Lordotus diplasus Hall
Lordotus diversus Coquillett
Lordotus divisus Cresson
Lordotus ermae Hall
Lordotus gibbus Loew
Lordotus hurdi Hall
Lordotus junceus Coquillett
Lordotus luteolus Hall
Lordotus lutescens Johnson & Johnson
Lordotus miscellus Coquillett
Lordotus nevadensis Hall & Evenhuis
Lordotus perplexus Johnson & Johnson
Lordotus planus Osten Sacken
Lordotus puella Williston
Lordotus pulchrissimus Williston
Lordotus rufotibialis Johnson & Johnson
Lordotus schlingeri Hall & Evenhuis
Lordotus sororculus Williston
Lordotus sp.
Lordotus striatus Painter
Lordotus zonus Coquillet

Macrocondyla amegiston (Hall)
Macrocondyla bifasciata (Macquart)
Macrocondyla chorista (Hall)
Macrocondyla falcata (Hull)
Macrocondyla flavinervis (Macquart)
Macrocondyla haywardi (Edwards)
Macrocondyla hypoxantha (Hall)
Macrocondyla infumata (Philippi)
Macrocondyla koslowskyi (Edwards)
Macrocondyla landbecki (Philippi)
Macrocondyla lugubris (Philippi)
Macrocondyla peridema (Hall)
Macrocondyla setosa (Paramonov)
Macrocondyla sp.
Macrocondyla transandina (Edwards)

Mancia nana Coqillett

Mariobezzia sp.

Meomyia distinctus (Walker)
Meomyia platyura (Walker)
Meomyia sericans (Macquart)
Meomyia sp.
Meomyia succandidus (Roberts)
Meomyia tetratricha (Walker)

Metacosmus exilis Coquillett
Metacosmus mancipennis Coquillett
Metacosmus nitidus Cole
Metacosmus sp.

Micomitra vitropennis (Brunetti)

Neacreotrichuc picturata (Coquillett)
Neacreotrichus atratus (Coquillett)
Neacreotrichus aztec (Painter)
Neacreotrichus cingulatus (Loew)
Neacreotrichus diversus (Coquillett)
Neacreotrichus dolorosus (Williston)
Neacreotrichus floralis (Coquillett)
Neacreotrichus melanoscutus (Coquillett)
Neacreotrichus mixteca (Painter)
Neacreotrichus olmeca (Painter)
Neacreotrichus sp.
Neacreotrichus toltec (Painter)

Neodiplocampta astrella Hull & Martin
Neodiplocampta mira (Coquillett)
Neodiplocampta miranda Hull & Martin
Neodiplocampta painteri Hull & Martin
Neodiplocampta paradoxa (Jaennicke)
Neodiplocampta parva (Loew)
Neodiplocampta roederi Curran
Neodiplocampta sp.
Neodiplocampta spiloptera (Wiedemann)

Neodiplocampta (Agitonia) sepia Hull

Neodischistus collaris Painter
Neodischistus currani Painter
Neodischistus sp.

Nothoschistus melampogon (Philipi)
Nothoschistus sp.
Nothoschistus transatlanticus (Philippi)

Oestrimyza fenestratus Hull

Ogcodocera analis Williston
Ogcodocera leucoprocta (Wiedemann)
Ogcodocera sp.

Oncodosia patula (Walker)

Pachyanthrax telamon (Loew)

Pantarbes capito Osten Sacken
Pantarbes earinus Hall & Evenhuis
Pantarbes megistus Hall & Evenhuis
Pantarbes pusio Osten Sacken
Pantarbes scinax Hall & Evenhuis
Pantarbes sp.
Pantarbes willistoni Hall & Evenhuis

Paracosmus edwardsii (Loew)
Paracosmus insolens Coquillett
Paracosmus morrisoni Osten Sacken
Paracosmus sp.

Paracosmus (Actherosia) rubicundus Melander

Paradiplocampta tabeti Hall

Parageron incisa (Wiedemann)

Paranthrax calogastra (Philippi)
Paranthrax chilensis (Philippi)
Paranthrax rufiventris (Blanchard)

Parasystoechus flavescens (Philippi)
Parasystoechus seniculus (Philippi)
Parasystoechus valdivianus (Rondani)

Paravilla acutula ???
Paravilla albata Hall
Paravilla albicera Hall
Paravilla aridula Hall
Paravilla borea Hall
Paravilla californica Hall
Paravilla castanea (Jaennicke)
Paravilla cinerea (Cole)
Paravilla consul (Osten Sacken)
Paravilla cunicula (Osten Sacken)
Paravilla deserta Hall
Paravilla diagonalis (Loew)
Paravilla diana (Williston)
Paravilla dianella (Painter)
Paravilla durvillei (Macquart)
Paravilla edititoides (Painter)
Paravilla eminens Hall
Paravilla emulata (Painter)
Paravilla epheba (Osten Sacken)
Paravilla extremitis (Coquillett)
Paravilla flavipilosa (Cole)
Paravilla floridensis Hall
Paravilla fulvicoma (Coquillett)
Paravilla fumida (Coquillett)
Paravilla fumosa Hall
Paravilla hulli Hall
Paravilla imitans Hall
Paravilla inatra Hall
Paravilla lacunaris (Coquillett)
Paravilla leucothoa (Wiedemann)
Paravilla lucida Hall
Paravilla macneilli Hall
Paravilla mercedis (Coquillett)
Paravilla mexicana Hall
Paravilla montivaga Hall
Paravilla nemakagoensis (Graenicher)
Paravilla nigriventris Hall
Paravilla nigrofemorata Hall
Paravilla nigronascia (Painter)
Paravilla obscura (Coquillett)
Paravilla opaca Hall
Paravilla painterorum Hall
Paravilla palliata (Loew)
Paravilla pallida Hall
Paravilla parasitica Hall
Paravilla parvula Hall
Paravilla perplexa (Coquillett)
Paravilla separata (Walker)
Paravilla sp.
Paravilla sp. near acutula
Paravilla spaldingi (Painter)
Paravilla splendida Hall
Paravilla syrtis (Coquillett)
Paravilla texana Hall
Paravilla vasta (Coquillett)
Paravilla vigilans (Coquillett)
Paravilla winburni Hall
Paravilla xanthina (Painter)

Parisus marginellus (Bezzi)
Parisus pallescens (Hesse)

Petrorossia ceylonica (Brunetti)
Petrorossia clauseni (Aldrich)
Petrorossia deducta Bowden
Petrorossia flavella (manuscript name in collection)
Petrorossia flavicans Bowden
Petrorossia fulvipes (Loew)
Petrorossia fulvula (Wiedemann)
Petrorossia hespera (Rossi)
Petrorossia intermedia (Brunetti)
Petrorossia phthinoxantha Bowden
Petrorossia serata (Aldrich)
Petrorossia sp.
Petrorossia talawila ???
Petrorossia tropicalis Bezzi

Phthiria austrandina Edwards
Phthiria canescens Loew
Phthiria gaedei Wiedemann
Phthiria minuta (Fabricius)
Phthiria pulicaria (Mikan)
Phthiria sp.
Phthiria vagans Loew

Poecilanthrax alcyon (Say)
Poecilanthrax alpha (Osten Sacken)
Poecilanthrax apache Painter & Hall
Poecilanthrax arethusa (Osten Sacken)
Poecilanthrax autumnalis (Cole)
Poecilanthrax californicus (Cole)
Poecilanthrax ceyx (Loew)
Poecilanthrax colei Johnson & Johnson
Poecilanthrax demogorgon (Walker)
Poecilanthrax effrenus (Coquillett)
Poecilanthrax eremicus Painter & Hall
Poecilanthrax fasciatus Johnson & Johnson
Poecilanthrax flaviceps (Loew)
Poecilanthrax fuliginosus (Loew)
Poecilanthrax hyalinipennis Painter & Hall
Poecilanthrax ingens Johnson & Johnson
Poecilanthrax interruptus Painter & Hal
Poecilanthrax johnsonorum Painter & Hall
Poecilanthrax litoralis Painter & Hall
Poecilanthrax lucifer (Fabricius)
Poecilanthrax marginatus Johnson & Johnson
Poecilanthrax marmoreus Johnson & Johnson
Poecilanthrax mexicanus Painter
Poecilanthrax moffitti Painter & Hall
Poecilanthrax montanus Painter & Hall
Poecilanthrax monticola Johnson & Johnson
Poecilanthrax nigripennis (Cole)
Poecilanthrax nigripilosus Painter & Hall
Poecilanthrax painteri Maughan
Poecilanthrax pilosus (Cole)
Poecilanthrax poecilogaster (Osten Sacken)
Poecilanthrax robustus Johnson & Johnson
Poecilanthrax sackeni (Coquillett)
Poecilanthrax signatipennis (Cole)
Poecilanthrax sp.
Poecilanthrax tanbarkensis Painter & Hall
Poecilanthrax tegminipennis (Say)
Poecilanthrax varius Painter & Hall
Poecilanthrax vexativus Painter & Hall
Poecilanthrax willistonii (Coquillett)
Poecilanthrax zionensis Johnson & Johnson

Poecilognathus badius (Coquillett)
Poecilognathus bicolor (Coquillett)
Poecilognathus flaveolus (Coquillett)
Poecilognathus fulvida (Coquillett)
Poecilognathus inornatus (Coquillett)
Poecilognathus loewi (Painter)
Poecilognathus marginatus (Coquillett)
Poecilognathus multicolor (manuscript name in collection)
Poecilognathus nubeculosa (Coquillett)
Poecilognathus ochracea (manuscript name in collection)
Poecilognathus pictus (Philippi)
Poecilognathus pleuralis (manuscript name in collection)
Poecilognathus punctipennis (Walker)
Poecilognathus ruficeps (manuscript name in collection)
Poecilognathus scolopax (Osten Sacken)
Poecilognathus signata (manuscript name in collection)
Poecilognathus sp.
Poecilognathus sulphureus (Loew)
Poecilognathus thlipsomyzoides (Jeannicke)
Poecilognathus unimaculatus (Coquillett)
Poecilognathus varius (manuscript name in collection)
Poecilognathus vittiventris (Coquillett)

Prorachthes beckeri Paramonov

Pteraulax sp.

Pterobates pennipes (Wiedemann)

Relictiphthiria chihuahuensis Hall & Evenhuis
Relictiphthiria primogenita Evenhuis
Relictiphthiria psi (Cresson)

Rhynchanthrax capreus (Coquillett)
Rhynchanthrax maria (Williston)
Rhynchanthrax nigrofimbriata (Williston)
Rhynchanthrax parvicornis (Loew)
Rhynchanthrax parvicornis x texanus
Rhynchanthrax plagosus (Coquillett)
Rhynchanthrax quiverus (Painter)
Rhynchanthrax rex (Osten Sacken)
Rhynchanthrax sp.
Rhynchanthrax texanus (Painter)

Satyramoeba binotata (Wiedemann)
Satyramoeba bipunctata (Fabricius)
Satyramoeba etrusca (Fabricius)
Satyramoeba ocyale (Wiedemann)

Sericosoma bigotianum Edwards
Sericosoma fascifrons Macquart
Sericosoma fulvum Edwards
Sericosoma furvum Edwards
Sericosoma sp.

Sericothrix dioedes Hall

Sisyromyia aurata (Walker)
Sisyromyia crassirostris (Macquart)

Sisyrophanus abdominalis Bezzi

Sparnopolius anomalus Painter
Sparnopolius brevicornis Loew
Sparnopolius coloradensis Grote
Sparnopolius confusus (Wiedemann)
Sparnopolius cumatilis Grote
Sparnopolius diversus Williston
Sparnopolius fulvus (Wiedemann)
Sparnopolius lherminierii (Macquart)
Sparnopolius ochrobasis Hall & Evenhuis
Sparnopolius sp.

Sphenoidoptera varipennis (Williston)

Spogostylum fracidum (Bowden)
Spogostylum incisurale (Macquart)
Spogostylum leucogaster (Wiedemann)
Spogostylum punctipenne (Wiedemann)
Spogostylum tripunctatum (Wiedemann)

Staurostichus australianus (Bigot)
Staurostichus chrysendetus (White)
Staurostichus sp.
Staurostichus tenuirostris (Roberts)

Stomylomyia europaea (Loew)
Stomylomyia palestinensis ???

Stonyx clelia Osten Sacken
Stonyx clotho (Wiedemann)
Stonyx keenii (Coquillett)
Stonyx lacera (Wiedemann)
Stonyx lelia Williston
Stonyx sp.

Systoechus bangalorensis Kapoor & Agarwal
Systoechus candidulus Loew
Systoechus ctenopterus (Mikan)
Systoechus fumipennis Painter
Systoechus gradatus (Wiedemann)
Systoechus leoninus Bowden
Systoechus oreas Osten Sacken
Systoechus oreas x vulgaris
Systoechus rubribasis (manuscript name in collection)
Systoechus solitus (Walker)
Systoechus sp.
Systoechus sulphureus (Mikan)
Systoechus vulgaris Loew

Systropus acutus Painter
Systropus ammophiloides Townsend
Systropus angulatus (Karsch)
Systropus annulatus Engel
Systropus arizonicus Banks
Systropus barbiellinii (Bezzi)
Systropus bicornis Painter
Systropus blumei Vollenhoven
Systropus chinensis (Bezzi)
Systropus columbianus (Karsch)
Systropus conopoides Künckel
Systropus dimidiatus Curran
Systropus excisus (Enderlein)
Systropus faenoides Westwood
Systropus fumipennis Westwood
Systropus gloriosus (manuscript name in collection)
Systropus hessei François
Systropus hoppo Matsumura
Systropus joni Nagatomi et al.
Systropus lamatulus (manuscript name in collection)
Systropus lanatus (manuscript name in collection)
Systropus luridus Zaitzev
Systropus macer Loew
Systropus macilentus Wiedemann
Systropus nigripes Painter
Systropus nitidus Wiedemann
Systropus nitobei Matsumura
Systropus oldroydi Carrera & d'Andretta
Systropus ophioneus (Westwod)
Systropus paloides Painter
Systropus pulcher Williston
Systropus rufiventris Osten Sacken
Systropus sallei Costa
Systropus semialbus Painter
Systropus snowi Adams
Systropus sp.
Systropus sp. nr. formosanus
Systropus sphegoides Walker
Systropus suzukii Matsumura
Systropus tetradactylus Evenhuis
Systropus tripunctatus Zaitzev
Systropus xanthinus Painter

Thevenetimyia accedens Hall
Thevenetimyia affinis Hall
Thevenetimyia auripila (Bigot)
Thevenetimyia californica Bigot
Thevenetimyia canuta Hall
Thevenetimyia celer (Cole)
Thevenetimyia culiciformis (Hull)
Thevenetimyia fascipennis (Williston)
Thevenetimyia funesta (Osten Sacken)
Thevenetimyia halli (Hull)
Thevenetimyia harrisi (Osten Sacken)
Thevenetimyia intermedia Hall
Thevenetimyia lanigera (Cresson)
Thevenetimyia lotus (Williston)
Thevenetimyia luctifera (Osten Sacken)
Thevenetimyia maculipennis (Hull)
Thevenetimyia magna (Osten Sacken)
Thevenetimyia marginata (Osten Sacken)
Thevenetimyia melanderi Hall
Thevenetimyia muricata (Osten Sacken)
Thevenetimyia nigra (Macquart)
Thevenetimyia notata Hall
Thevenetimyia ostensackenii (Burgess)
Thevenetimyia painterorum Hall
Thevenetimyia phalantha Hall
Thevenetimyia quadrata (Williston)
Thevenetimyia sodalis (Williston)
Thevenetimyia sp.
Thevenetimyia speciosa Hall

Thevenetimyia (Arthroneura) tridentata (Hull)

Thyridanthrax andrewsi Hall
Thyridanthrax bifenestratus (Bigot)
Thyridanthrax fenestralis (Macquart)
Thyridanthrax fenestratoides (Coquillett)
Thyridanthrax fenestratus (FallŠn)
Thyridanthrax hessei Bowden
Thyridanthrax hispanus (Loew)
Thyridanthrax hypoxanthus (Macquart)
Thyridanthrax incanus (Klug)
Thyridanthrax luminus Hall
Thyridanthrax maculus (Cole)
Thyridanthrax melanopterus Hall
Thyridanthrax melasoma (Wulp)
Thyridanthrax meridionalis Cole
Thyridanthrax murina (Philippi)
Thyridanthrax nugator (Coquillett)
Thyridanthrax otiosa (Coquillett)
Thyridanthrax pallidus (Coquillett)
Thyridanthrax perspicillaris (Loew)
Thyridanthrax pertusa (Loew)
Thyridanthrax selene (Osten Sacken)
Thyridanthrax semitristis (Philippi)
Thyridanthrax sp.
Thyridanthrax ternarius Bezzi
Thyridanthrax utahensis Maughan

Tillyardomyia gracilis Tonnoir

Tmemophlebia amplicella Coquillett
Tmemophlebia anoxis (manuscript name in collection)
Tmemophlebia coquilletti (Johnson)
Tmemophlebia cyanoceps (Johnson)
Tmemophlebia incana (manuscript name in collection)
Tmemophlebia krypton (manuscript name in collection)
Tmemophlebia mexicana (manuscript name in collection)
Tmemophlebia moctezuma (manuscript name in collection)
Tmemophlebia painterorum (manuscript name in collection)
Tmemophlebia psammonoma (manuscript name in collection)
Tmemophlebia tzahui (manuscript name in collection)

Tomomyza pantostomoides Hesse
Tomomyza pictipennis Bezzi

Toxophora amphitea Walker
Toxophora aurea Macquart
Toxophora aurifera Rondani
Toxophora cuprea (Fabricius)
Toxophora dissa (manuscript name in collection)
Toxophora dochma (manuscript name in collection)
Toxophora fulva Gray
Toxophora leucon Séguy
Toxophora leucopyga Wiedemann
Toxophora maculata (Rossi)
Toxophora maxima Coquillett
Toxophora pallida d'Andretta & Carrera
Toxophora pellucida Coquillett
Toxophora sp.
Toxophora varipennis Williston
Toxophora vasta Coquillett
Toxophora verona Curran
Toxophora virgata Osten Sacken

Triploechus heteronevrus (Macquart)
Triploechus laticeps (Bigot)
Triploechus novus (Williston)
Triploechus recurvus (Coquillett)
Triploechus sackeni (Williston)
Triploechus sp.
Triploechus vierecki Cresson

Usia aenea (Rossi)
Usia atrata (Fabricius)
Usia florea Loew
Usia sp.

Usia (Micrusia) versicolor (Fabricius)

Villa adusta (Loew)
Villa aenea (Coquillett)
Villa agrippina (Osten Sacken)
Villa albicincta Cole
Villa albifacies (Rondani)
Villa albobasalis Roberts
Villa aliena (manuscript name in collection)
Villa alternans (Macquart)
Villa alternata (Say)
Villa angularis (Thomson)
Villa arenicola (Johnson)
Villa atra Painter
Villa atrata (Coquillett)
Villa aygula (Fabricius)
Villa bipenicillatus (Bigot)
Villa caloptera (Philippi)
Villa chromolepida Cole
Villa cingulata (Meigen)
Villa circumdata (Meigen)
Villa claripennis (Kowarz)
Villa commista (Macquart)
Villa concessor (Coquillett)
Villa connexa (Macquart)
Villa detecta (Walker)
Villa diminutiva (Macquart)
Villa eucnemus François
Villa fauna (Fabricius)
Villa faustina (Osten Sacken)
Villa festiva (Philippi)
Villa flavicrura Hall
Villa flavocostalis Painter
Villa fucata Hall
Villa fulviana (Say)
Villa fulvipeda (Rondani)
Villa fulvipes (Coquillett)
Villa fumicosta Painter
Villa fuscicostata (Macquart)
Villa gemella (Coquillett)
Villa gracilis (Macquart)
Villa guttatipennis (Brunetti)
Villa handfordi Curran
Villa harveyi (Hine)
Villa hottentotta (Linnaeus)
Villa humilis (Ruthe)
Villa hyalinipennis (Blanchard)
Villa hypomelas (Macquart)
Villa inculta (Coquillett)
Villa ingloria (Philippi)
Villa ioptera (Wiedemann)
Villa lateralis (Say)
Villa limbata (Coquillett)
Villa livia (Osten Sacken)
Villa marginata (Walker)
Villa miscella (Coquillett)
Villa modesta (Meigen)
Villa molitor (Loew)
Villa molitor group
Villa moneta (Osten Sacken)
Villa mucorea (Loew)
Villa muscaria (Coquillett)
Villa mutua (Walker)
Villa nebulo (Coquillett)
Villa nigra Cresson
Villa nigricauda (Loew)
Villa nigropecta Creson
Villa obscura (Macquart)
Villa panisca (Rossi)
Villa penai Hall
Villa perimele (Wiedemann)
Villa pretiosa (Coquillett)
Villa proximus Hall
Villa quadricincta (Rondani)
Villa sabina (Osten Sacken)
Villa salebrosa Painter
Villa scrobiculata (Loew)
Villa semifulvipes Painter
Villa sexfasciata (Wiedemann)
Villa shawii (Johnson)
Villa sp.
Villa squamigera (Coquillett)
Villa stenozona (Loew)
Villa turbata (Coquillett)
Villa vacans (Coquillett)
Villa vitripennis (Loew)
Villa vulpecula (Philippi)

Walkeromyia lurida (Walker)

Xenox delila (Loew)
Xenox habrosus (Marston)
Xenox simson (Fabricius)
Xenox sp.
Xenox tigrinus (De Geer)
Xenox xylocopae (Marston)

Ylasoia abbreviata (Wiedemann)
Ylasoia pegasus (Wiedemann)

Zaclava minima (Roberts)
Zaclava sp.

Total species in collection: 1513

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