Research in Botany

Current Research Projects

Botanical fieldwork

Hawaii Biological Survey: Surveys and Inventories

Pacific Biological Survey: Surveys and Inventories


  • Hawaii Biological Survey Technical Reports, Contributions and Records
  • Pacific Biological Survey publications
  • Hawaii's Invasive Plant Species: an interactive key for the identification and management of invasive species in Hawaii
  • Hawaiian kalo: an identification guide for taro in the Hawaiian Islands.

  • A Key to Common Marine Algae of Hawai‘i, Version 2.

  • Pacific Island Plant Restoration: a management tool for habitat restoration in Hawaii and the Pacific (collaboration with Hawaii Community Alliance).

  • Bishop Museum's Conservation Internship Programs

  • A revised checklist of Hawaiian mosses. Tropical Bryology 25:35-69. (Staples et al., 2004) Download

  • Checklist of Hawaiian Anthocerotes and Hepatics. Tropical Bryology 26: 15-47. (Staples, G.W. & C.T. Imada, 2006) Download

  • A Tropical Garden Flora (Staples, G.W. and D. Herbst, 2005)
    Click here for the online checklist of cultivated plants in Hawai‘i.

  • A Tropical Garden Flora: Plants Cultivated in the Hawaiian Islands and Other Tropical Places

    For more information, contact Botany staff at (808) 848 4181

    NSF Projects in the Herbarium Pacificum are funded in part by the National Science Foundation (DEB-0950207 and DBI-1057453), and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The Bishop Museum is an active supporter of the United States Virtual Herbarium (USVH) project.

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