Bishop Museum offers a wide range of programs in culture and science.  We have a full new set of programs related to Hawaiian Hall, which reopened in summer 2009 after a complete renovation.  Science programs are offered both in the Science Adventure Center (opened 2005) and at Science on a Sphere, the vivid six-foot globe that was installed with NOAA funding in 2006.

In addition, we offer programs on a wide range of astronomy topics in the Watumull Planetarium.  All programs in all areas are aligned with HCPS III.  Please see the individual program descriptions for an overview of which benchmarks are aligned to which programs.

Education programs range in length from 25 minutes to 1 hour.  There are no additional fees for programs but we generally have a limit of no more than two programs per group.

*Please Note: There are new Scheduling, Payment, and Cancellation Policies for School Groups

NEW: Integrated Cultural and Science Program for Middle Schools

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