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Bishop Museum Press publishes books and other media for the trade on topics related to Hawai`i and the Pacific, with a preference for topics related to the natural and cultural history of Hawai`i. We also publish original research in several scholarly series.

Proposals for publication projects are welcome at any point in their development. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Project proposals should include a short, informative cover letter that gives a clear and concise description of the work, its outstanding features, the work’s intended audience, and a table of contents if possible. Information on the work’s current stage of development, the expected completion date, its length, and any additional specifications that are relevant including the number and type of images, illustrations, tables, etc. should also be included. Authors should provide a paragraph about themselves (a CV or resume may also be included if appropriate). We do not accept proposals, sample chapters, or full manuscripts submitted as e-mail attachments.

Authors whose proposals appeal to and are suitable for Bishop Museum Press will be invited to discuss their work with an editor or to submit a copy of a partial or complete manuscript. Do not submit original copies of the manuscript.

After an initial in-house evaluation, a peer review may also be requested by external readers who have expertise in areas appropriate to the content of the manuscript.

Bishop Museum Press has a rigorous review process which may take considerable time. As such, we ask for your patience as we respond to prospective authors as promptly as possible. An estimated time frame for response to a manuscript submission may be given by Bishop Museum Press staff, but is subject to change at any time.

Bishop Museum Press assumes no responsibility for loss or damage of submitted proposals, manuscripts, or related materials. Authors who would like their manuscript returned must notify Bishop Museum Press and provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope when submitting the work.

Please note—review of a manuscript by Bishop Museum Press does not indicate a commitment to its publication. Bishop Museum Press has no obligation to publish a work or otherwise collaborate with an author unless and until a publishing contract is executed by the parties. If a manuscript is accepted for publication, a formal offer will be made to its author and a publishing contract drafted and executed. Bishop Museum Press reserves the right to discontinue the review process for a project proposal or manuscript at any time, for any reason.

Publication proposals can be sent to:

Bishop Museum Press
Publication Proposals
1525 Bernice Street
Honolulu, HI 96817

For more information about submission requirements, please contact us via email at

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