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Under a Jarvis Moon

Under a Jarvis Moon (DVD)

Between 1935 and 1942, the U.S. Government sent over 130 young men to colonize the islands of Howland, Baker, Jarvis, Canton, and Enderbury. These pioneers endured unrelenting sun, rats, sharks, and ultimately, enemy fire. Under a Jarvis Moon shares their story through oral history interviews, log book entries, archival photographs, moving footage, and government documents.

Kili And The Singing Tree Snails

Holophusicon, the Leverian Museum: An Eighteenth-Century English Institution of Science, Curiosity, and Art

Holophusicon, the Leverian Museum traces the fascinating history of the institution itself and its owner, Sir Ashton Lever, incorporating hundreds of period illustrations and detailed descriptions. Author Adrienne Kaeppler’s extensive scholarly investigation has resulted in a comprehensive catalogue that illuminates the breadth and historical importance of the Leverian collections.

(Published by Museum fur Volkerkunde and ZKF Publishers. Distributed in the US by Bishop Museum Press)

Kili And The Singing Tree Snails

Kili And The Singing Tree Snails

E ho‘olohe mai... listen closely, can you hear them? It is a lovely day in Nu‘uanu as Kili and Tutu prepare for the great lu‘au. The King--Kauikeaouli, Kamehameha the Third--is hosting a feast at Kaniakapupu in celebration of La Ho‘iho‘i Ea, Sovereignty Restoration Day. Join Kili as he takes in the sights and sounds at this joyous event, and along the way discovers the wondrous singing tree snails that are the namesake of the King's historic residence. KILI AND THE SINGING TREE SNAILS gives a glimpse into the days when the Hawaiian kingdom flourished, and shows the importance of aloha ‘aina--caring for the land and perpetuating Hawai‘i's native culture.

Legend of the Gourd

Legend of the Gourd

In the district of Ka‘ū, spread across the Kamā‘oa Plain, live the Children of the Gourd. This magical tale delves into the past to reveal how the people of this region came to be named. Loebel-Fried beautifully depicts the love story between two ali‘i and the miracle that comes to pass after a tragedy.


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