This page demonstrates the Elastic Slider.

Elastic Slider

Banner slider with scroll bar at bottom that has pop-up thumbnails, and allows you to overlay a title and a caption on each slide. Slides are arranged into “Groups”, which define which slides to include for each instance of the slider (one instance = one group). Only used for top of page; not inserted into middle of pages. Can be above or below top menu.

See: Youtube Video for Elastic Slider

Display options are in the main Advada Theme Options settings, under “Elastic Slider” tab.

Create slides with title, caption, and featured image, then add them to groups. Slider is added to page in the “Fusion Page Options” section of the page editor, on the “Sliders” tab (Slider Type = Elastic Slider, then select the Group from “Select Elastic Slider” option.

There doesn’t seem to be an Element for Elastic Slider within the Fusion Page Builder. Captions and titles are not inherited from the selected featured image.